Toll House's Adorable V-Day Cookie Dough With Heart Sprinkles Just Hit Shelves

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

Since the holiday season ended, uh, two weeks ago, now is about the time you'll begin to see the Valentine's goodies you wait all year for. Conversely, if your Valentine's Day plans are not looking so hot, this is the time of the year when stores have the widest selection of sweets available. And not just your typical conversation heart fare — every store is a bakery during Valentine's season. But, the best bakery is your own kitchen, so take advantage with Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Nestle Toll House.

Nestle Toll House is likely behind most of the cookie dough you've consumed in oversized gobs after a late night out. The company basically dominates the chocolate chip cookie market using a legendary recipe for its treats. Baking cookies is a celebratory occasion, so it makes sense Nestle Toll House would create something special for the most romantic of holidays. Who needs a fancy dinner when you could just have a night in with some festive chocolate chip cookies? In particular these chocolate chip cookies. Spotted by Instagrammer @ThreeSnackateers, the Valentine's Day version of a favorite in Walmart.

The perfectly pink package advertises Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Red & Pink Heart Sprinkles, and as you can see, it's basically built for Insta.

But, what does it look like baked? Does it keep its pink hue after resting in the over for 25 minutes at 425 degrees? To be determined, but even if these cookies look a little regular when they are done cooking, it is what is on the inside that counts when it comes to love. What's on the inside of these babies is lots of gooey chocolate chips and sweet heart-shaped sprinkles. Love is delicious.

While chocolate chip cookies might be the new trend in dough — earlier this year Nestle Toll House decided to stray from their comfort zone and explore the world of snack bars. In July, Wisconsin-based Instagram user @CandyHunting spotted snack bar dough at Hy-Vee, a midwestern grocery store chain. Available in two flavors — a classic Chocolate Chip with Toasted Oats, and a more sophisticated Cranberry Walnut with Dark Chocolate — the dough looks pretty similar to cookie dough. But the images on the front of the packages show something far different than a cookie: a (presumably chewy) granola bar. Have you ever had a granola bar straight out of the oven? Have you ever even thought about what one would taste like? Now you can, and now you are.

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and that means it is time to celebrate the love in your life. Some dread when Valentine's Day rolls around if they don't have a romantic partner, but love isn't just romantic. Love is abundant among friends and coworkers and classmates and family and pets. Nothing says I love you like a sweet gift, so consider baking up a batch of Valentine Chocolate Chip cookies for any of the many loves in your life — they're sure to enjoy it. (Except your pets. They may be the one truest Valentine, but don't give cookies to your pets.)