The Identity Of ‘Pump Rules’ Star Lala’s BF Has Finally Been Revealed

by Marenah Dobin
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After tons of speculation (and admitted lies), Lala Kent's boyfriend has been identified — finally! The Vanderpump Rules cast member was spotted kissing producer Randall Emmett at an event in Beverly Hills on December 7, according to Page Six, which also shared photos and a video from the event. Bustle has reached out to reps for Kent and Emmett for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Page Six reports that Emmett is the executive producer of the show Power and that he is currently in the process of divorcing Ray Donovan actor Ambyr Childers, with whom he has two children.

During the Vanderpump Rules episode that aired on Monday, December 18, Kent made her grand return to SUR and the show. In addition to groveling to Lisa Vanderpump to let her work at the restaurant again, Kent came clean about her love life. During her on camera interview, she revealed, "Last year I was in a relationship with the same person that I'm in a relationship with now. I made up all sorts of lies just to protect this human being and I feel like it took my anxiety through the roof."

The SUR host admitted about the rest of the cast, "They called me out for my bullsh*t. They're right. You can't afford a Range Rover on a hostess salary. I said it."

The first name "Randall" was floating out there for a long time and some of her cast mates knew (or claimed to know) who her man was.

On January 9, Kent's Pump Rules costar Stassi Schroeder mentioned the name "Randall" in a tweet she sent to Kent during one of their heated social media exchanges.

On January 17, Kristen Doute mentioned him in a tweet of her own:

The Page Six article quotes a supposed "insider source" who said that the producer is a fan of Vanderpump Rules and that he originally contacted Kent through social media. That might not be the true origin of their relationship, though. Back in March, Kent appeared on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, and the interview turned to relationship talk (around the 32:43 mark of the second part of the episode). Heather McDonald asked, "All the rumors are that he's a producer ... Is that him?" Kent confirmed, "He's in that industry. Yeah."

Emmett is a producer, so that adds up. And Kent said that he was actually a customer at SUR. "He approached me about doing a film and asked for my agent’s contact," she said. "He was at the restaurant and I was working ... not filming ... and he said ‘Are you an actress?’ and he just kept coming up to me and I was like ‘No. I do reality TV. I caved.'"

She continued, “He said, ‘I have a movie coming up ... and I want you to audition for one of these parts.’ I went in to the audition, went in to a second, had a couple meetings, we just hit it off, and after that we were inseparable.” Kent confirmed that she will be filming the movie.

She also said in the same interview that he's in his 40s and that: "He’s not married. I mean, come on ... He’s definitely not married and never has been while I’ve been with him."

That is not something Kent has admitted (yet) or she could have just meant that he was separated from his wife (Page Six reports that they've been in the process of divorcing on and off for some time), but she has been more and more open and honest recently. In a December 4 interview with Us Weekly, Kent revealed that she will share more about her man during Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules and she even said that he was at the premiere party.

"It’s so funny because when he came to the Vanderpump premiere party the other day, producers were like, ‘Would you ever make an appearance on Vanderpump?’ and he said, ‘If you pay me one hundred million dollars, I’ll show up because that’s what my company is worth,’ so I think it’s safe to say, no, he will not be making an appearance on Vanderpump but he’s spoken about this season, so that’s cool," she said. He was always spoken about, but I guess this time around Kent doesn't mind too much. Maybe she will even get into some specifics.

In that same interview Kent also said, "He remains with no name, but he is definitely spoken about.” Well, that was true. The cat seems to be out of the bag now.

Kent also discussed her new line of lip glosses with Us Weekly. One of the shades is named "Randy," which is an obvious nickname for someone named Randall. All Kent had to say at the time was, "It’s named after a special person and obviously I had to poke fun at last season so we had to go with The Affair and we had to go with Mistress.” Very subtle with there, Lala.

It will be interesting to see if and when Lala comments further on her boyfriend on Pump Rules, because of course, the real story will revolve around what she ends up saying.