'Pump' Rules' Star Tom Schwartz Paid For A Fan's Trip To Tom Tom Via Venmo

by Marenah Dobin
Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In summer 2018, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd opened the bar Tom Tom with Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval as junior partners — and the inspirations for the name, of course. While Lisa and Ken bring 30-plus years of restaurant experience, one of those Toms helps bring customers to the bar... literally. Recently, Tom Schwartz paid for a customer's Uber ride to and from Tom Tom.

According to a May 29 article from Us Weekly, Tom shared a screenshot of a Venmo request from a customer on his Instagram Story. The person asked for $50 and described the transaction as "Uber money to get to Tom Tom."

Yes, Tom actually accepted that request and paid for the ride. Along with the Venmo screenshot, Tom wrote, "LOL this is actually gonna work for them. But they have to tag me in photos when they are there. Safe travels friends!" So they got a free ride to the restaurant and a request from Tom to include him in their social media content. That sounds like the perfect situation for any Vanderpump Rules fan.

Tom also offered some recommendations from the menu in that same Instagram Story. He shared, "Make sure you get the nutcase, artichoke green chile dip and spicy cauliflower." That all sounds delightful, especially in addition to the comped Uber trip.

It's unclear if the fan ended up tagging Tom in a photo from the bar, but there's a very popular photo spot at Tom Tom. Based on the tagged photos of Tom Tom on Instagram, there are a lot of customers kissing underneath a giant picture of Tom and Tom locking lips. Even Bravo superfans Chrissy Teigen and John Legend posed for a photo smooching at the restaurant in February. Maybe the customers took a similar picture in that same location.

Aside from the bar's obvious association with the show Vanderpump Rules, Tom Tom has become a must-visit spot for many A-list celebrities, which means that patrons should be on the lookout for star sightings.

In March, Lisa shared a video with Miley Cyrus playing with a dog on top of the bar. As if this place couldn't get any cooler, it's also dog-friendly.

Cyrus fellow Disney Channel alum Selena Gomez was spotted at Tom Tom in March. Page Six reported, "Selena and two gal pals requested one of the three intimate private booths in the corridor leading out to the terrace." Additionally, a source told the website, "She was very private and had a security guard with her."

There are just so many reasons to go to Tom Tom: Vanderpump Rules cast sightings, celebrity run-ins, dogs, and the possibility of getting a free Uber ride. Oh yeah, and the delicious food and drinks, of course. However, this story just feels incomplete. Where are the tagged photos from this customer? Did they actually take Tom's menu recommendation to or did they order something else? What happened when they got to the restaurant? Maybe this is just a "to be continued" storyline that will play out during Vanderpump Rules Season 8. One can only hope.