'Pump Rules' Stars Jax & Brittany Have A New Pad

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Jax Taylor first started dating Brittany Cartwright, I'm pretty sure nobody thought they would last. Well, here we are about two years later and the Bravolebrities are still going strong. So much so that Vanderpump Rules' Jax and Brittany moved into a new apartment. That's right, they have a luxurious brand new living space that will actually make many city dwellers jealous.

Not only does their West Hollywood apartment have three bedrooms, but it also has three bathrooms. I know, it's crazy big. You know what makes their home all the better? It's one block from SUR (talk about a commute!), where they both work, and it is in the same building as friends/co-stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. "Yeah, we'll be neighbors," Taylor told Bravo's The Daily Dish. "I'm excited." I can only imagine the trouble these four will get into now that they are so close in proximity.

Taylor recognizes just how massive the apartment is and said, "I feel like if you have three bedrooms in your apartment, then you've made it in life. My dad always said if you have three bathrooms, you're doing well." Yeah, I'd say so, especially when you live in Los Angeles. He added, "I'm at the point where I have three bed, three bath all to myself. That's a lot of space, in my opinion."

But, according to the SUR bartender, all of that space was needed and is helping his relationship. I guess their former one bedroom apartment was getting a bit too cozy. "Yes, that's the No.1 reason why we need it," he said about the space. "I need my man cave, she needs a room for her stuff, and then we have our room."

As nice as it sounds, it doesn't seem like Taylor is too attached, because he's already planning to move again — and not just out of the apartment. Per the 37-year-old, he plans to leave Los Angeles at some point and settle down in state with less traffic and inexpensive rent. "This [apartment] will be my last place to live in L.A.," he confessed. "I like to say I'm hitting the back nine of my life to where I want different things."

He even said that he wouldn't mind getting a place with Cartwright in her hometown state of Kentucky. "I love Kentucky," he said. "It's a beautiful place. It'd be nice to have a little house there." The model has also thought about moving to Florida, where his parents live. "Ideally, I'd like to end up in Florida, close to my family, back to Tampa or Clearwater," he admitted. Between the beaches, the people, and the lack of traffic compared to L.A., he can see himself living in the southern state.

Who knows how Cartwright feels about all of this, but I can only imagine she's happy to hear that Taylor appears to be seriously thinking about their future. Who would've thought?

It sure sounds like Taylor is growing up, making sound decisions, and sensibly planning his life. He really has come a long way. Good for him.