Vanessa's ‘The Bachelor’ Finale Dress Sparkled

Although I have to admit that Nick Viall's season of the The Bachelor isn't exactly the most exciting one I've ever watched, I still tune in religiously. And Bachelor candidate Vanessa Grimaldi has been one of my favorite candidates since she first appeared on the screen in the pilot episode of the season. The Montreal-based special education teacher was a front-runner from the very start, and she had a number of memorable dates with Viall.

Although it was fun watching them interact on screen all season long, I was also a huge fan of Grimaldi's style from the start. From her black and white premiere episode dress to her cocktail party gowns to her adorable casual style, like chic bikinis and cozy sweaters and furs for colder dates, she clearly spent some time picking out her looks for the season.

The finale dress both of the Bachelor contestants pick is naturally a tough choice — it could be the dress they're proposed to in, or it could be a dress they have their heart broken in. How hard would that choice be?

Bachelor stylist Cary Fetman agrees: “It could be the day you get engaged or it could be the worst day of your life,” he told People last year. “I never want her to think, ‘He didn’t pick me because he didn’t like the way I looked.'”

Fetman pulled four choices for both Grimaldi and fellow finalist Raven Gates, and Grimaldi had to make the tough choice of which to wear.

So which one did Grimaldi pick? I wasn't too surprised to see she went with option two — the sequined V-neck choice. And [spoiler alert], it ended up being the perfect dress for Grimaldi to be proposed to in.

How gorgeous do the black sequins look on Grimaldi?

The Badgley Mischka account was quick to announce that Grimaldi was wearing one of its designs for the finale. I'm also loving the cutouts, which I didn't notice until later in the episode.

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She paired the dress with a short fur coat, chandelier earrings an wore her hair in a side swept style.

Grimaldi has been a fan of the color black and the spaghetti strap V-neck look all season, starting with the premiere episode.

You can spot her in the front row in a black and white dress thats shape is similar to the one she picked for the finale.

Considering Grimaldi accepted Viall's proposal in the final episode, I think it's sweet that her dress from the finale paid a little homage to the first time they saw each other.