Vans Just Made Its Iconic Sneakers Comfier Than Ever Before

Courtesy of Vans

Change is scary. Despite the fact that change can be good since it exposes us to new things, it also strips away comfort zones and leads to uncertainty. But how about a change that actually increases your comfort level? Vans has changed its classic Era sneaker and it's more comfortable than the shoes of your youth. It's a new era for the Era.

Vans diehards and devotees — don't panic. This is actually excellent news for the soles of your feet. The iconic shoe will look the same but feel better.

The streetwear brand is elevating the always-evolving yet classic low-top and lace-up sneaker by making it more comfortable, courtesy of ComfyCush technology. When you wear a pair, it'll feel like you're walking on a cloud and strutting across the sky. Even the term "ComfyCush" sounds snug and cozy.

ComfyCush takes the beloved and durable Era, which has been around for 43 years and was the first model to boast Vans' signature "Off The Wall" logo, to the next level.

Since Era's core design hasn't been changed, the update will go largely unnoticed. The inner soles boast a cloud graphic indicating the shoes are outfitted with the ComfyCush innovation. But other than that? The shoe remains the same.

The ComfyCush Era is available in a variety of colors, with prices starting at $60 and going up to $65. The improved comfort from the softer sole doesn't negatively impact your wallet so that's also a major plus. Other signature styles, such as the Slip-On and the Old Skool, are also outfitted with ComfyCush. The entire assortment of ComfyCush sneakers are on sale now at the Vans site.

Courtesy of Vans

This ComfyCush's multi-panel construction allows Vans take full advantage of advancements in technology, which can attract a whole new generation of fans. Essentially, this low-key update that ultimately unlocked possibilities and potential.

Vans built its reputation by innovating and adapting its footwear to meet customer demand, and by giving shoppers what they need and want.

Courtesy of Vans

The Era first cruised onto the scene in 1976. At the time, skate legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta were seeking more functionality in their shoes — and Vans responded.

The ComfyCush version of the Era follows that same ethos — the update is a direct result of fan feedback. Shoppers wanted increased comfort without changing the look. Vans once again answered the call.

The new Era features several subtle structural improvements that your feet will feel, including better fit, tongue stabilization, added arch support, and a "co-molded construction of foam and rubber" cut for lasting comfort, said Senior Director of Footwear Design at Vans Nathanial Iott in a press release.

Courtesy of Vans

Translation: The Era will serve as the most stylish and comfortable footwear in your closet. Those two elements are not mutually exclusive, thanks to ComfyCush.

Fashion and function intersect via the Vans x ComfyCush Era. The shoe ultimately reminds us that the more things change, the more they stay the same.