These Teddy Bear Slippers Cost $1,000, But You Can Make Them With Your Childhood Toys For Free

There's this old sitcom trope where one walks to the corner store mid-afternoon in a pair of teddy bear slippers if they have given up on life. But would that still apply if the plushie slippers cost nearly a thousand dollars? Vetements Hug Me Bear slippers are basically wearable teddy bears for your feet, but they cost a whopping $990. This is lounging at its most luxurious.

Vetements is known for its satirical take on fashion staples, and the French fashion label has been known to design more than one tongue-in-cheek item. But the teddy bear slippers with their exorbitant price tag might be the quirkiest. Mimicking the plushie slippers that were popular in the '90s, they mimic the childhood mules that were popular holiday presents and took on the shape of everything from teddy bears to flamingos. Seeing how Vetements' reiteration costs nearly a grand, the '90s-like slippers are actually quite luxurious.

They are made in Italy out of a cotton, alpaca, and mohair blend, so they are very soft to the touch. The bear's arms and legs also have Velcro tabs on them, so you can arrange the bear's limbs into any position you want. The shoes are unisex, and are currently available on Net-a-Porter.

Unlike your childhood slippers, these slippers are meant to be worn outside. They come with a rubber sole, but it's up to you if you're bold enough to pair these slippers with a midi dress or pair of jeans.

This isn't the first bear-related piece that Vetements has released this summer. The label has also released a line of teddy bear backpacks, featuring big bear plushies that limply hang off the front of commuter backpacks.

Part of a surprise drop for the upcoming fall season, the backpack is made out of the same materials as the slippers: cotton, alpaca and mohair. The backpack clocks in at a steep $1,479.27 on Net-a-Porter and is already sold out.

If wearable plushies aren't your thing, Vetements also released a line of quirky staples in its surprise drop. One of which was a heeled fall boot with a beer bottle opener at its heel. If you have ever been out day drinking at a picnic or friend's backyard and found yourself lacking a bottle opener, you will never be caught with that inconvenience again. Now if only the French label came up with a boot with a hidden wine cork opener.

The stiletto boot in question is aptly called the Black Party Beer Opener Boot. These pointed toe heels are ankle-high and come in buffed black leather. The engraved bottle opener is at the base of the stiletto spike. As you can imagine, convenience comes with a price, and the shoes cost a whopping $1395.

Then for those celebrating birthdays in the summer months, Vetements dropped the Black 'Happy Birthday' T-Shirt Dress Set. The t-shirt dress features a multi-font grpahic that reads, "It's my birthday and all I got is this oversized t-shirt."

From plushie slippers to bottle opening heels, Vetements has you covered when it comes to weird wardrobe staples.