Victoria Beckham Is Throwing A Birthday Bash & We’re All Invited

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Credit: NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP via Getty Images

Being in lockdown amid the global pandemic has changed the way we do pretty much everything, including celebrating certain events. Many of us will have birthdays during quarantine, and have to adapt the ways in which we enjoy such occasions. Even celebrities are having to enjoy their special day a little differently, and some, such as Victoria Beckham, have come up with ways to include their legion of fans. Here's how to join Victoria Beckham's birthday party on Instagram this year.

Tomorrow, on April 17, VB will be celebrating her 46th birthday, and despite a global lockdown, she'll still be doing it in style. The designer announced on her Instagram that she would be having a virtual birthday party at 8pm (BST), in which her DJ pal Fat Tony will be taking over her Instagram Live to share his playlist of Beckham's favourite hits.

"Tomorrow is my birthday. @dj_fattony_ has given me the best bday present. A playlist of all my favourite songs to share with everyone," she wrote, later adding that she wants everyone to "turn the music up and have a dance in your living room/kitchen/bedroom."

Yep, that's right, we're all officially invited to Victoria Beckham's birthday party. I bet you never thought those words would ever be spoken.

As well as the Instagram Live to celebrate, Beckham wrote that this year, instead of asking for presents from friends and family, she had requested that they donate to The Children's Society instead. Sharing the link to donate in her bio, VB shared a call to action to help out if you can during these trying times.

"They provide a lifeline for children hidden from view in the coronavirus crisis, and in even more danger now from abuse, exploitation, neglect or hunger. Please support them if you can," she said.

You can follow Victoria Beckham on Instagram here to stay up to date with her birthday party celebrations, and donate to The Children's Society Emergency Coronavirus Appeal here.

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