Victoria Beckham Reportedly Paid For Some Of Her 14 Engagement Rings Herself & Why Not

by Emily Dixon
Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Listen, who amongst us can honestly say they haven't bought two night-out clutches because you're just waiting to accidentally abandon it in the bathroom of the bar, or stockpiled the perfect gold earrings because you know they're going to turn green? It turns the poshest of Spices might be more like us than first imagined, as the Daily Mail reports that Victoria Beckham owns fourteen engagement rings at an estimated total value of £8.9 million. See? Just like us! Except, of course, they're all different designs, and some were presents from her legendary footballer husband, and there's the slight matter of the multimillion total price tag. Alright, fine. We're nothing alike. Fine!

Here's the best bit of the story: Posh apparently buys most of the rings herself — the rock I'm rocking? I bought it! — though a source told the Daily Mail that husband David Beckham gifted his wife a few. Talk about living your best life. "He doesn’t buy Victoria a ring every few years, but he’s treated her to some of them," the source, purportedly a friend of the couple, told the paper. One example? A £700,000 "pink-champagne diamond halo ring" he reportedly bought for Victoria's 30th birthday. Bustle has contacted Beckham's representatives for comment, but as of yet haven't received a response.

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Once you've immersed yourself in the mindset of the unfathomably wealthy, it's actually pretty understandable that Beckham's switched up her ring a few times. After all, her style's shifted pretty significantly over the years. There was a time when Beckham favoured face-swamping sunglasses and bandage dresses (live your life, Victoria!) over turtlenecks and muted tones, so it makes sense that the rings she wore back then wouldn't necessarily suit the queen of high-fashion minimalism that she is today. Hence, the subtler yellow diamond ring she wore to Paris Fashion Week in June, visible in the photo above — though the Mail reports that the "square-cut yellow diamond set on a platinum pave band" is still worth an astronomical £120,000.

Back in October 2017, Harper's Bazaar took a deep dive into Beckham's entire engagement ring collection, and it's worth a perusal not just for the jewellery on display, but for the chronological tour through VB's changing aesthetic, starting with the choppy bob and squared off nails gifted to us all by the '90s. A few standouts: a year after the aforementioned 30th birthday ring, Harper's Bazaar reports David gave Victoria a 17 carat pear-cut diamond ring. In 2010, she scored herself a giant "oval-cut sapphire on a skinny pave band". And in 2016, she revealed her latest acquisition — a "simple square-cut diamond mounted on a platinum pave band", according to Harper's Bazaar — at Cannes, which is basically the same as me debuting my £6 Monki earrings in the bar of a Friday night.

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My personal favourite aspect of the article is the apparent casual way in which Beckham purchases and then replaces her jewels. "She wore it steadily for a few months before putting it in the vaults," Harper's Bazaar reports of a 2015 diamond ring acquisition, which is approximately a tenth of the time I've owned one pair of yoga pants. Her 2005 pear-cut diamond is apparently " one of the rings she still regularly wears" — so what's going on with the rest of the million pound collection, Victoria?!

So to sum up: Victoria Beckham could fill a Victoria Beckham Eva handbag with her engagement ring collection, and probably at least a Victoria Beckham makeup pouch with the ones she bought herself. And just in case you weren't jealous enough? According to The Sun, David and Victoria just bought daughter Harper a £7,000 pony. Cool! I'm just going to bury my feelings in a whole box of store brand Lidl cereal, hbu?