Victoria Beckham's Response To Not Smiling At The Royal Wedding is PERFECT

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There were a lot of details to obsess over at the royal wedding, but some people were more obsessed with Victoria Beckham not smiling than anything else. Because that's apparently a thing that matters to some people. As PopSugar found, Victoria Beckham responded to royal wedding haters in the best possible way — with fashion. Her shirts says it all, and you can get one for yourself right now.

If you're wondering why Beckham wasn't smiling at the royal wedding, her latest fashion choice should explain it all. She posted an image of herself on Instagram wearing a shirt that says, "it's a dark but happy place." If this isn't the most Posh Spice clap back that you've ever seen, then I don't know what is.

"When you’re smiling on the inside," Beckham's caption reads. "As the sweatshirt says!!" She followed it up with a few crying face emojis, just in case you thought that she was taking herself too seriously.

Beckham styled the sweatshirt with high-waisted, cropped jeans and bright red pumps. Apparently, a smile is not your best accessory — a statement tee is. She also tucked her hair into the top of her sweatshirt, so you can see the entire slogan for all of its glory.

If you're looking to support Beckham with her new slogan, you can buy one on the designer's website right now. On top of ready-to-wear and high fashion clothing, there's also a section devoted to graphic tees and sweatshirts as well. Because everyone — smile or no smile — should be able to spread these quirky messages.

The sweatshirt is available in two different colors — the gray that Beckham is wearing and black. Although the brand only shows the price in euros, it equals out to about $204.06. That's per sweatshirt, because fashun.

According to the product description, this wasn't technically created for the royal wedding comments. It was actually created over Beckham's love for sunglasses.

"You could say I’m slightly obsessed with sunglasses - I never leave the house without a pair. Wearing glasses all the time, I like to say that I’m in a ‘dark but happy place’," Beckham writes on the website.

This isn't the first time that she's used fashion to clap back at haters though. She went viral in 2017 after stepping out in a shirt that read, "fashion stole my smile." It was quite obvious to people that she was poking fun at herself, but she went on the record once and for all to explain it.

"That's my poking fun at myself," the designer told Vanity Fair in 2017. “People are constantly asking me why I don’t take pictures smiling. It’s a bit of fun really and me laughing at myself. This is fashion and it should be fun.”

Unfortunately, the Fashion Stole My Smile Shirt is sold out on the Victoria Beckham website. Originally it came in black and white, but both styles are unavailable. There's a good chance that it will be back in stock though. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment. At least that gives you time to stock up for the $175 purchase when it becomes available again.

The comments clearly don't phase Beckham, so bring on the haters. In fact, she found a way to turn her backlash into a way to make some serious cash. I'd say that she's the real winner here. Plus she got to go to the royal wedding — smile or no smile. Here's to hoping there are plenty more quirky graphic tees to come, because the trend is the perfect way to express yourself.