Andrew Garfield & Ryan Reynolds' Kiss Isn't Funny

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For those who happened to be watching the audience while Ryan Gosling walked up to accept his award for La La Land, you may have spotted something a little surprising happening in the audience: Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds making out at the Golden Globes. It does make some amount of sense, because Reynolds' nominated film, Deadpool, is about a fourth wall-breaking superhero who would definitely take an opportunity to to kiss a fellow caped crusader. However, there was something off about the moment, considering that you can clearly see the other members of their table laughing at the stunt.

Though Reynolds and Garfield surely had good intentions, making out as a joke insinuates that two men making out is something to be laughed at. Given that Hollywood already so rarely shows gay couples being intimate with one another in films or television shows, quick gags like this can be harmful. A moment of affection between two men shouldn't be a joke, even when those men are straight celebrities. After all, if an actual couple had been kissing in the audience while someone else was accepting an award, it wouldn't have been funny, regardless of their genders. Jezebel writer Bobby Finger sums up the moment between Reynolds and Garfield pretty well:

The moment was captured in video shortly after eagle-eyed viewers spotted it in the background of the awards.

If the kiss had occurred between the canon pansexual Deadpool and a love interest played by Garfield, and was infused with some of Deadpool's signature crass humor, then sure, it would've been funny and people should've laughed. But considering that it's just Garfield and Reynolds, the "joke" just plays into tired tropes of straight men joking about same-sex affection.