Watch Angela & Oscar Recreate One Of Your All-Time Fave Scenes From 'The Office'

Fire drills are usually meant to instill order in a time of panic, but if you throw that drill into The Office, you get — well, pure panic with a heaping side of chaos. The cold open in the episode "Fire Drill" created one of the most beloved scenes in the show, with the staff dynamics melting into utter pandemonium. In her recent cooking video, Angela Kinsey recreates The Office fire drill scene with costar Oscar Nuñez, and the throwback gave fans a giddy ride back in time to the 2000s.

On her Instagram page, Kinsey posted the scene, which was acted out in her kitchen with shoddy props but just as much star power. In the caption, Kinsey wrote, "Of course we had to recreate this scene! #savebandit 😼 New Baking with Josh and Ange! Link in bio! Baking and chatting about The Office with Oscar! We had so much fun! Thx Oscar for stopping by our kitchen! Oh and the Flan is delicious! ❤️ *He does his Southern accent in the full video and vogues! Hilarious!"

According to Kinsey's Instagram, the two Office accountants have been friends for the past two decades. The two knew each other before they were cast as department mates in the show, which ran for nine seasons. Clearly that friendship is still going strong, even after The Office ended in 2013.

Of course, the "Save Bandit!" scene only made fans want more. Kinsey read requests from her phone for Nuñez, who obliged in recreating some of his more popular bits in the Baking with Josh and Ange video.

The day before Nuñez's appearance on the baking show, Kinsey posted a picture on Instagram of the two together, writing, "Oscar and I have been friends for 20 years! (I know we are old.) We met years before The Office and when we found out we both got cast AND got to sit next to each other as accounts... it was just amazing! For 9 years he made me laugh every day. Tomorrow he is on our baking channel! I love this fella so much! I can’t wait for you to see him hanging out in our kitchen!"

The fire drill cold open is The Office at its best, with many of the characters being their most quintessential selves in response to the (fake) fire created by Dwight. Michael repeatedly screams "Stay calm!" to the room, Andy ask-yells why the fire is shooting at them, Kevin smashes the nearest vending machine open instead of an exit door, and Angela attempts to rescue a pet cat that she's been hiding in one of the office drawers. All the while, as the situation escalates, Dwight militantly quizzes the crew on fire drill safety procedures.

Years after this fire drill episode aired, the show is still front and center for many, who now have the opportunity to binge-witch the series over and over again (you can catch all nine seasons on Netflix). Angela and Oscar's reunion shows that though the band may have split up, it doesn't mean the magic isn't there when they get back together.