These Are The Ultimate Travel Sandals That Won't Make You Feel Like A Cheesy Tourist

Vionic Shoes

You always know who is an American tourist abroad because of what kind of shoes they were. Arch-supporting sneakers have become synonymous with our sightseeing get-ups, and they're not always the most fashion-conscious mashup. But Vionic sandals can help you bridge that gap, where they are orthopedic summer travel shoes that don't sacrifice style to keep your feet from aching.

While it's fun to pack your favorite summer dresses into a suitcase and think of all of the cocktails you'll have over sunsets in different parts of the world, traveling takes a toll on your body. Your back hurts from standing all day, your feet ache from walking on cobblestones, your arches throb, and you go "ugh" every time you collapse onto a chair. That's why so many of us opt to wear sneakers and shrug off being stylish. But Vionic Shoes will give you the best of both worlds —meaning you won't be tempted to cut off the shoes from you Instagram photos this summer.

Plus, Vionic Shoes is Oprah-approved, where the Midi Perf slip-on sneakers were part of Oprah's Favorite Things of 2017. So you know they're good.

Vionic sandals are made for walking and feature biomechanical technology that cradles your feet and supports arches. The shoes also have thoughtful design elements, like multiple points of adjustability to help you get the perfect fit, deep heel cups for stability, and wide width options to accommodate all foot shapes.

Vionic Shoes makes everything from boots, to sneakers, to heels, but today we're going to focus on their sandal selection since that's the go-to shoe for summer. (Though the Blaire Heeled Sandal features a sturdy 3.1 inch block heel, deep arch support, and supportive technology to help you walk around in heels all day. This can be another great shoe to pop into your suitcase for fancy evenings out while on vacation.)

The specific sandal I tried is the versatile Keomi Sandal, and as someone who travels seven months out of the year, this is basically going to be the only shoe I pack now. Game. Changer. Not only is it chic, minimalist, and easy to pair with just about any outfit you throw at it, but the sandal's fit offers a noticeable amount of support.

The sandal has a thick rubber platform that keeps you far from the bumps, cracks, and unevenness of the ground, and the Microfiber wrapped EVA orthotic footbed has dips and grooves designed to keep your foot cradled and supported. The EVA midsoles help absorb shock and reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees. The shoe hugs your arches like a natural footprint, giving you all day support. It makes a massive difference.

Vionic Shoes

Podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera, a Vionic Innovation Lab member, shares with Bustle how to pick out the perfect travel shoe that won't wreck your feet.

"Always think ahead. From your home, to the airport, on the plane, arriving to your destination's airport, and to final destination. Chances are you will be in the same shoe throughout that entire time," Dr. Sutera shares. "These shoes should be comfortable, supportive and adjustable. Comfortable and supportive because all of the walking, standing, carrying bags, etc. Adjustable because of pressure changes that may cause swelling to your feet and legs. Avoid stiff, very flat, pointy, high or narrow shoes while traveling. I recommend wearing brands such as Vionic that have built in podiatrist-designed support."

Check out some of the picks below!

Nareen Block Heels

Faye Clog

Hayden Platform Slide

If you want to take care of your feet this summer and look stylish while doing it, Vionic Shoes is a great choice.