Virgo Season 2018 Spiritual Meanings To Help All Zodiac Signs Make The Most Of Summer’s End

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Starting on August 23 and lasting until September 22, Virgo season will be in effect. If you are a Virgo — well, happy birthday! If you're not a Virgo, get ready for a month of intense Virgo ~feels~. There are various Virgo season spiritual meanings, but all zodiac signs can expect to feel a serious change of pace as one of the most noticeable Virgo influences. The Virgo personality is sharp, focused, efficient, powerful, and specific. Invite a Virgo into your home and find out which frames are crooked, which lightbulbs are out and how to get that mystery smell out of your carpet. Virgos are the most perceptive, visually sensitive and resourceful signs in the zodiac. So coming straight out of a summer in which six planets were in retrograde, we're all feeing pretty fuzzy. Virgo's energy will swiftly burn away any lingering brain fog, rest assured.

While you might not think you're up for the intensity of Virgo's influence, all zodiac signs need it. As astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle of Virgo season, it's actually the perfect spiritual guide to lead us out of retrograde and into a productive beginning of the year. If you lean into Virgo's motivational power, you can set the tone for your most successful year yet. Let Virgo inspire you to regard your calendar like a bible, put in extra hours for yourself, nurture extra patience with friends, and feel extra motivation in regards to your self-care.

It's Time To Get Serious About Self-Care


As we work our way out of the summer season, a change of routine will help us transition into fall. If you've been lax on your physical and mental health this summer, that's OK. But taking self-care seriously this fall is going to be paramount in building a strong foundation for the year ahead. Furiate suggests trying a new type of exercise and experimenting with new foods to refresh the mind and give the body an opportunity to have a new experience. A fresh start for Virgo season starts with refreshing your step.

It's A Time To Make Strong Connections


While you might have enjoyed a flexible and free-flowing summer experience, you'll need to ground yourself a bit to thrive this fall. According to Furiate, Virgo season is a good time to take your shoes off and stand in the sand or the dirt and connect to the planet. Whether that means literally talking a barefoot walk or more figuratively spending some time mediating, it's important to make grounding efforts as Virgo season offers many grounding opportunities, spiritually.

It's A Time To Follow Creative Pursuits


Furiate tells Bustle that we can all expect to get an influx of creative opportunities this Virgo season. Take a chance on a project that calls to you and see how it changes your life. Give it time, as the positive effects of this creative endeavor might not be immediately noticeable. Putting energy into new ventures helps to put new energy into your life. The Virgo spirit will keep you focused and committed, which is exactly what you need to get through it.

It's A Time To Make Money And Save It


The Virgo spirit will inspire you in the workplace and you might find yourself with an opportunity to increase your income. Take this opportunity, but be sensible about it. While you might be tempted to spend the money on a new fall wardrobe, Furiate tell Bustle that it's important to consider the future and save or invest your money wisely. Set the tone for the rest of the year by being as mature and practicable as humanly possible and make sure that you're striving to live up to your raise or promotion every day.

It's A Time To Lead And To Follow


While you might be inspired by the Virgo spirit to become a leader, remember that there's always something to learn from the people around you. Make sure you remember to take a break from constantly showing the way, and listen to what the people have to say around you. If you're the one who's always doling out advice to your friends and co-workers, give them a chance to return the favor. Ask a friend for advice or a co-worker for their opinion. This role reversal will only strengthen your relationships and make it more dynamic. There's a lot to learn from the people around you, and asking them for advice is a great way to show just how much you value their opinion.

It's A Time To Be A Good Partner


If you're in a relationship, Virgo season will help you stay focused on nurturing it. If you're not in a relationship, you're going to be in the right mindset to become a partner — so it's a good time to date! With Virgo's help increasing your attention span and drive at work, you'll have more room for your personal relationships. While sometimes it can be hard to be there for your partner, while also being there for yourself, this month it will come more easily. Try to pay attention to the balance you're maintaining during Virgo season so that you can implement those habits in the future. If you allow yourself to learn from Virgo season's influences, you can take the spirit with you into the rest of the year.