We Know What Viserion's Ice Powers Are On 'GoT' & They're Beyond Deadly


The Night King has officially entered Westeros on Game of Thrones. Daenerys may have thought she made the best dragon entrance this week, but ol' ice face took it to another level. Viserion destroyed the Wall on Game of Thrones, and this war is officially on.

Is it a cliffhanger if the cliff is destroyed? What started as a flash of blue accelerated fast as the Night King rode in on his new ice dragon and systematically melted the protective structure in half. It was almost overwhelming to watch. If the icy blue fire breath can do that to the wall, imagine what it can do to people?

Hopefully, the heroes at Eastwatch had time to get out before Viserion's blue flame hit their end of the Wall. Tormund, Beric, and likely Gendry were still there when the Night King attacked. Tormund gave the order to run, but that likely didn't save too many wildlings or members of the Night's Watch at all. At least there's no denying the Great War anymore. When Game of Thrones returns for Season 8, the army of the dead will be already upon them.

This also might be a bit of foreshadowing as to the future of the Iron Born, too. Theon's Greyjoy men intended to find and wait the winter out, knowing that wights can't swim. Euron Greyjoy, before Cersei revealed their plan, seemed to have a similar thought. However, both the Night King's mobility and Viserion's Elsa powers indicate that they are far from safe.

On a lighter note, between Dany's two living dragons and their orange flame, Cersei's green wildfire, and Viserion's new look, Westeros could be in for quite the fireworks display. The grand finale of Game of Thrones will certainly be colorful.

The falling of the Wall definitely counts as a major Game of Thrones death. It was a character just as much as any direwolf or dragon. Through Jon Snow's journey, fans have grown to depend on that chilly location. Now that it's gone, the end really is near.