Walmart Carries Massive Bottles Of Everything Bagel Seasoning That You Can Buy Online


The top of an everything bagel is coated with a magical flavor dust that consists of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, and salt. Often the mix is spread so thick, you can barely see the bread. In this case, less does not equal more. More seasoning means more flavor and more flavor means a better bagel. For a long time a bagel was the only thing you could eat with this seasoning; there just weren't other everything options. But, now all that has changed. At Walmart, you can find a huge bottle of Everything Bagel Seasoning for all your garlicky needs.

The containers of Olde Thompson's seasoning at Walmart measure a whopping 11.5 ounces. Each plastic bottle contains, per the product image on Walmart's site, a mouthwatering blend of onion, garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and other spices. To put the size of the bottle in perspective, consider the fact that the average container of spice clocks in at around 2.3 ounces, making the Walmart version a whopping five times bigger.

With such a massive amount of seasoning, never again will you face the dreaded empty bottle, when just a few sad poppy seeds remain. You might never need to buy more seasoning again, come to think of it.

What is perhaps the best part of Everything Bagel seasoning is its versatility. Though the spice mix is typically found on, well, bagels, it has become an integral part of the avocado toast experience. I can also tell you, from personal experience the seasoning complements scrambled and runny yolk eggs like a charm. If you're really up for trying something original, incorporate it into your savory baking. A few months back I tried an everything bagel-inspired scone with a cream cheese center; it was unexpected and delightful.

This specific Everything Bagel Seasoning is made by a company with a storied history in salt and pepper (yes, that's a thing.) In fact, according to the company's Instagram account, Olde Thompson is the largest manufacturer of salt and pepper mills in the world. The company is probably older than most people you know; it was started in 1944. It originally operated under the name of The George S. Thompson Company. The company website shows that its influence spans well beyond everything seasoning du jour — it also carries a wide array of spices, mills and shakers, grinders, and spice racks. Plus, if you're looking for more inspo, the site even has an entire recipe section to draw from — all of which, unsurprisingly, feature and highlight different spices paired with familiar faves.

But back to the here and now: you can find the 11.5 ounce bottle of Everything Bagel Seasoning at Walmart, noting that the price may be slightly different depending on the market, and whether you're purchasing it in stores or online. You can also buy a smaller version of it directly from the retailer online. Or you can just head straight to your nearest bagel place and get the real thing — patience may be a virtue, but the need for everything seasoning waits for no one.