Watch Seth Meyers Blast Trump's DACA Decision As Nothing Short Of "Cruel"

On Tuesday's episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers took on President Trump's DACA decision. The program granted a reprieve from deportation and temporary work permits to nearly 800,000 immigrants who were brought to the country without papers at a young age by their parents. Meyers called the move "cruel" and "capricious," and pointed to the president's flip-flopping on the issue due to pressure from the "racial resentments" of his supporters.

But first, he broke down exactly what happened on Tuesday, particularly the fact that Trump "hid behind his attorney general." He had Jeff Sessions make the announcement. But no matter who gave the word, the choice was approved by the president. "Trump's decision throws the lives of nearly 800,000 Americans who were brought here as children and who work here and go to school here into chaos," Meyers explained.

All that Trump did Tuesday was release a statement and tweet, telling Congress to pass a law resembling the order he'd just rescinded. "Trump ends every tweet like he's jumping out from behind a door to scare you," Meyers noted. Then in a creepy Trump voice, Meyers said, "Congress get ready to do your job." Then he screams, "DACA!" as if he were trying to scare away the hiccups from every Senator and member of Congress.

That may very well be necessary, as Congress has repeatedly failed to pass the DREAM Act in the past. That's a bill which would give these young American residents legal status in the only country most have ever known. Meyers expanded on that:

To be clear, DACA recipients were brought here as children, know no other country, pay taxes, have no criminal record and are as American as anyone else living here.

"And this will shock you," Meyers added. "With this decision today, Trump once again proved himself to be a liar after repeatedly assuring Dreamers that he would take care of them and treat them with heart." Meyers then showed a mashup of Trump praising the Dreamers — "these incredible kids" — and talking about having great heart.

Meyers also commented on The New York Times story that referenced Trump asking his aides for help deciding on DACA, reportedly asking for "a way out." "Something tells me this isn't the only time Trump has asked his aides for 'a way out,'" Meyers joked. "I just assumed he's been carving a tunnel through the wall of the oval office under a poster of Rita Hayworth."

Then the Late Night host got to what he really sees as the cause here. "A president who backed himself into a corner by catering to the racial resentments of his base, is now needlessly throwing the lives of hundreds of thousands of hardworking Americans into chaos, which means it's now up to Congress to do something." His own party is in control of Congress — and even they don't support this decision. House Speaker Paul Ryan was against the move.

You have a president needlessly tormenting hundreds of thousands of hardworking Americans with a cruel, capricious policy that is supported neither by a majority of voters, nor the leader of his own party. So why are Republicans continuing to stand by him?

Meyers explained that Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California explained one version of the GOP ideology on Trump last week. "He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole," Hunter reportedly told colleagues.

Well that still worries Meyers. "Now I'm not a licensed proctologist, but congressman, there is something seriously wrong with your asshole."