Watch 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' Cast Learn Mila Kunis Is A Major Trekkie & Proud Of It

The new comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me, in theaters Aug. 3, is all about secret identities: who's hiding what, who's playing for the other team, who's not the person they said they were for days or weeks or even years. And while the movie's cast — Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan — (hopefully) aren't keeping quite as many things hidden from the public eye as their characters, they're still full of surprises. As the foursome learned when they played a game of Spy Who Dumped Me cast trivia at the movie's New York press junket recently, there's a lot they don't know about each other — including two of the actors' love of a little franchise called Star Trek.

Yup, you read that right. Both Kunis and Heughan are self-professed Trekkies, although they apparently hadn't previously bonded over that connection. That'll likely change soon, though, as Kunis, at least, was thrilled to find out that she wasn't the only Spy Who Dumped Me cast member who knows a thing or two about Klingon.

The Star Trek bit was far from the only fun fact learned during the trivia session, though. From spotlighting one actor's cat obsession to revealing another's breakdancing habit, the game gave each of the movie's four main cast members a chance to learn something new about each other — and watching it, you'll probably be plenty surprised, yourself.

Although the four actors might not be total pros when it comes to knowing each other's lives, they're clearly still close — after all, it's unlikely McKinnon would be so open about her cat's, um, medical issues with just anyone. McKinnon and Kunis' bond seemingly echoes those of their on-screen characters, best friends who would happily do anything for each other, no matter the cost. Like, say, how McKinnon's Morgan is immediately willing to head to Europe on super short notice in order to help Kunis' Audrey escape from assassins — you know, normal friend stuff.

While the exploits of The Spy Who Dumped Me's main characters might not be totally similar to those in your own life, there's plenty about the movie's portrayal of friendship that'll hit home. Morgan and Audrey have each other's backs through thick and thin, and neither woman ever wants to be with a partner who doesn't wholeheartedly accept her BFF, too. It's pretty much friendship #goals, and in real life, McKinnon and Kunis have apparently proudly taken up that mantle. Said Heughan of his co-stars, in a July interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "They feel like best buddies; there's really no acting involved there. And I think they are. I think they really complement each other."

McKinnon and Kunis may not have a bond that requires escaping from criminals together (at least, let's hope not), but as the video above proves, they have a pretty special connection nonetheless — one that, for better or for worse, involves getting to hear all the details of things like fandom love and cat medicine.