Watermelon Makeup Is Taking Over Instagram For Summer

by Alexa Tucker

Watermelon is considered by many to be the absolute best fruit of the summer, and it does make a strong case — it's a mainstay at barbecues and picnics, it's super hydrating, and you can stick a bottle of tequila or vodka in it for a boozy summer treat (I mean, you could). It's such a quintessential summer staple that it's even making its way to beauty trends. To really prove how beloved it is as far as fruits go, watermelon eye and lip makeup is making a splash on Instagram with some creative takes on the pink and green look.

From glossy pouts to patterned lids (and even speckled cheeks), watermelon motifs are a super eye-catching beauty dare to try. While it's quite a bit of effort for an everyday summer look, it's a fun little art project for a festival beauty look or even just an afternoon drinking rosé on a patio.

Here are nine masterpieces from Instagram to inspire you to try your own juicy beauty look. Even if pink and green aren't exactly colors in your usual makeup routine, these versions of the look just might be the push you need to try a little something different for a fun summer twist.

1. Watermelon Smoky Eye

This watermelon shadow is perfectly blended for a gradient look.

2. Glossed Over Lips

This ultra glossy lip channels not just the colors of watermelon, but also the juiciness.

3. Dainty Seeds

Barely-there seeds dot the inner corners of her eyes.

4. Matching Nails

This lip look skips the green altogether and trades it for a pretty matching mani.

5. Green Liner, Pink Shadow

This 'grammer paired her watermelon shadow look with a more neutral pink gloss.

6. Neon Hues + Highlighter

The neon colors in this look pop against perfectly highlighted skin.

7. Bright Lips And Locks

A hot pink lip look for hot pink hair.

8. Glossy Green And Red

This glossy but muted lip features more subtle shades of green and red.

9. Two Lips, Two Patterns

The bottom lip features full rind detail, while the upper lip goes for the more classic pink pattern.