4 Women Share Their Summer Skin Tricks


It's finally time for poolside reading, BBQs, vacations, and switching up your skin-care routine! I know, I know. You might be thinking, “Wait, skin care?” But it's true. Your skin has different needs during different seasons, so it's good to swap out certain products you use the way you'd refresh pieces in your closet. Maybe that means replacing a rich body cream with a lighter after-sun gel, or an everyday sunscreen with a shine-control formula.

If you need a little inspiration for your summer skin-care arsenal, we’ve partnered with Walmart and asked four women to share the tricks and products they swear by. With their product recs, you'll be able transition your routine with no sweat (OK… with minimal sweat.)

Alexia, 24

"To keep my sensitive skin from getting summer breakouts, I swap my face wash for Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for normal-to-oily skin. It's super gentle and absolutely perfect for anyone who deals with excess shine."

Suzanne, 28

"In the summer, *nothing* beats the look of a golden tan. But when you're fair skinned and cautious about sun damage like I am, laying out just isn't an option. Instead, I turn to self tanners like this mousse, which goes on super smooth and gives me some natural — not orange — color."

Audrey, 27

"When summer hits, all I want to do is spend time out in the sun. It just makes me feel more alive — but it also can be harsh on my skin. After a long day out, I shower and apply this after-sun gelee all over. It's extra hydrating without being heavy or oily, and it refreshes my skin, too."

Emma, 22

"Wearing SPF is a key part of my year-round skin-care routine, but in the warmer months, I need to be conscious of the excess oil that comes with long days in the sun. In the summer, I switch to this non-greasy formula that protects my skin from the sun while keeping shine at bay."

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