We Bet You Can’t Get Through This List Of Genius Amazon Products Without Spending $30


I can literally spend hours browsing the stream of the most interesting products on Amazon. The items are just so innovative and cool. In fact, I bet you can't get through a list of 14 genius Amazon products without spending $30. There are just way too many things that you never knew you needed on there. And once you see them, you won't be able to live without them.

Whether you're interested in tech, taking insanely cool photos while you're out traveling or adventuring, or delight in hanging at home, there is something for everyone on Amazon. It's the best place to invest in a new piece of technology (I personally have my eye on the new GoPro and a drone), and it's also the spot to find some cool products for your home (like a plant based water filter or a cool kettle). Amazon also has some seriously awesome beauty finds. It's so easy to find something that you love because the options are endless on there.

When it comes down to it, there are so many genius products on Amazon that you'll want to grab before they're gone. So, I think you should try to scroll through this list without spending $30 — maybe you'll have more willpower than me.

A Travel Pillow That Allows You To Sleep Literally Anywhere


Studio Banana Things Ostrich Pillow, $100, Amazon

Over the years I have totally perfected my ability to sleep anywhere. Give me something to lean on, an eye mask, and a pair of earplugs and I'm good to go. If you want falling asleeo to be that easy for you, this pillow makes it easy for anyone to fall asleep anywhere. It may look funny, but when you slip this pillow over your head, you can lean on anything and get some rest in.

Enjoy Espresso Wherever You May Go


MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, $60, Amazon

Some people just can't live without their coffee. And if you're an adventurous person who loves to be on the go but hates sacrificing tasty coffee, you'll be blown away by this mini espresso maker. It's the most compact espresso machine you can find and it's completely hand operated, so you don't have to rely on electricity or batteries to operate it. It'll make the perfect shot of espresso in minutes.

Take The Shake Out Of Videos


Neewer 2-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal, $85, Amazon

I'm actually in the process of finding a gimbal for my GoPro. I just want to create videos that don't make people nauseous when they watch them. But, if you're just starting to dip your toes into making videos, you can totally use your smartphone (because a lot of them take great quality video). And if you're like me and you have the shakiest hands ever, a gimbal will help reduce that shake. It basically stabilizes your phone and moves with you, instead of you having to move the camera yourself. It's so cool, and you'll be able to create some awesome videos with it.

Give Yourself A Zen Space


InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $40, Amazon

Sometimes you just need a minute to yourself to decompress. That's where a great little relaxation spot in your home comes in. Create a zen area with an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. It will help you make a relaxing environment as it fills the room with beautiful scents. It even has mood lighting that is completely adjustable and comes in seven different colors.

Listen To Music Wirelessy With A Pair Of Stylish Headphones


Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $230, Amazon

With the new iPhone 7 out, you just have to go wireless with your headphones, if you're trying to make an investment in a good pair. I don't know about you, but I love rose gold. I think it's such a pretty color and it makes these headphones so stylish and on trend. They're adjustable, comfortable, and can be used for up to 40 hours. Plus, you can take calls and even control Siri from them.

Give Yourself Beachy Waves Without Drying Out Your Hair


ORIBE Apres Beach Wave And Shine Spray, $39, Amazon

It's no secret that Oribe makes some pretty great hair products. And the Beach Wave and Shine Spray is no different. Give your hair the beachy waves you love, without drying them out. The spray is loaded with moisturizing benefits that will help you avoid salty-stiff hair that can sometimes happen with salt sprays (this one doesn't even contain salt!). Plus, it will protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

Heat Water Faster For Tea, Coffee, And More


BELLA 1.2L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle, $45, Amazon

I make tea so many times during the day, and I'm constantly putting a kettle on the stove and waiting for the water to boil. Sometimes it just takes too long — that's where this electric kettle would come in handy. Not only is it pretty, but it also heats up water in seconds. All you have to do is fill the kettle with water, flip a switch, and you'll find yourself with boiling water. Now you can enjoy your tea faster.

Take Videos And Photos Underwater Without Waterproof Casing


GoPro Hero5 Black, $399, Amazon

I bring my GoPro with me everywhere when I'm traveling. It's one of my necessities, and I think I'm ready for an upgrade. The new GoPro Hero5 is actually so innovative because it's waterproof up to 33ft without any housing. That means that you can actually film sounds now because you don't have to have waterproof casing on it (because no one ever really removes it, even out of water). There will be no echo, and no fog on the casing. It's seriously cool.

Restore Your Skin To Its Natural pH Level


Herbivore Botanicals - All Natural Balance Facial Toner, $34, Amazon

This 100 percent vegan product is great for both combination or oily skin. Spray the toner onto skin after cleansing to remove impurities, close pores, and absorb moisture. It will actually help return your skin's pH to its natural level. You'll be left with radiant, refreshed skin.

Keep Your Beverage The Right Temperature


S'well Turquoise Blue 17 oz Water Bottle, $32, Amazon

S'well water bottles are double insulated. This means that you can keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12. They're really cool water bottles and come in all different kinds of colors and designs. The bottle is made out of stainless steel, and it has a vacuum seal, so you can even keep a carbonated beverage fizzy inside.

Take Selfies Instantly


Fujifilm Instax Mini 70, $100-$140, Amazon

I have this instant camera, and it is amazing. I can confidently say that, because I collect instant cameras and have gone through my fair share. This one is by far the coolest one I've ever used. Plus, it takes the best quality photos without you having to change any settings. But, perhaps the coolest part of the camera is the ability to take selfies without cutting your faces off in the image. There is a built-in selfie mirror so you can see yourself and get everyone in the frame before you click the shutter.

Use A Filtered Carafe To Drink Water At Home Instead Of Plastic Bottles


Soma Sustainable Carafe & Plant-Based Water Filter, $31, Amazon

The shatter-resistant glass carafe with a plant based water filter is an excellent option for drinking clean water at home. Instead of buying plastic bottles each week, simply refill the carafe when you need (it holds up to six glasses of filtered water). The best part about Soma is that when you buy a pitcher or carafe, they donate money to water projects around the world in developing countries. So you'll be helping the environment, and people in need.

Capture The Views From The Sky


DJI Phanton 3 Standard Quadcopter Drove with 2.7K HD Video Camera, $399, Amazon

Drones are the new thing. They capture insane video and photos from high in the sky. Aerial views are so cool now, and the ability to create some really awesome content stems from these flying cameras. It's definitely an investment, but if you're into making films or love photography, it's a great tool to add to your collection. You can fly the drone for up to 25 minutes without having to recharge it. The drone is also made with GPS assisted flight, so you can concentrate on capturing the right shot, while it maneuvers itself.

The Smartest Cat Scratcher, Ever


4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26", $38, Amazon

I have a friend who has a cat that scratches all of her furniture. My friend swears that her cat must be an outdoor cat because its nails grow so fast even when she cuts them. So, she has scratch marks all over some of her furniture and on her walls. I'm going to tell her about this wall mounted scratching post. I think it'll solve her problems for her. Now her cat can have a place to scratch and stretch without damaging her belongings.

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