Pantone Just Announced The Wedding Colors Of 2019 & You'll Love Them All

WeddingWire x Pantone

‘Tis the season for people getting engaged and, in turn, starting to plan weddings. If you’re looking to stay on top of the trends or just want a head start on picking out an outfit for a friend’s upcoming nuptials, WeddingWire and Pantone’s Wedding Colors of the Year are the perfect place to start.

Let’s start by acknowledging the obvious: everyone is getting engaged right now. If you feel like your newsfeed has been flooded with rings and people on one knee, you’re not just seeing things. According to WeddingWire’s 2018 Newlywed Report, 40 percent of engagements happen between November and February with Christmas Day being the most popular day for people to get engaged. The combination of the holiday season, the new year, and Valentine’s Day puts us all in prime proposal season.

WeddingWire recently released their wedding trends for 2019 so bid your farewells to rose gold and chalkboard signs. WeddingWire has dubbed copper the “metallic of the moment,” meaning you’ll probably be seeing a lot if it incorporated into wedding invitations, floral arrangments, and overall wedding decor. The site also predicts light boxes will usurp chalkboard signs in popularity.

The site also predicts couples will start to shy away from specific colors and lean more toward color schemes. This is especially great news for anyone part of a wedding party who wants to avoid the panic of having to match their outfit to the exact shade of “light blush” the couple requested. If you’re looking for some wedding color palette inspiration, or just need a colorful escape from the dreary weather, WeddingWire and Pantone’s four wedding color schemes are just what you need.

Love in Bloom

WeddingWire x Pantone

Earthy elements and botanicals are on trend for weddings this year, according to WeddingWire, and this color palette is the embodiment of that. “Love in Bloom is comprised of a group of soft and nurturing shades contrasted with a bold fuchsia red, an earthy green, and a shimmering silver metallic,” a press release states.

Greenery, wood sculptures, metallic tones, dried fruits, and pops of botanical color are the basis of this palette. “Love in Bloom leans to the warm side of the spectrum with its visual portrayal of comfort and enjoyment, affection and contentment,” the release continues. If the words “updated vintage” and “floral” are on your wedding dream board, this color palette is for you.

Golden Hour

WeddingWire x Pantone

If the sunset could have a wedding, it would look like this color scheme. Golden Hour “has a modern, fresh twist on typically traditional colors, and the addition of a pale gold and copper metallic act as a highlight.” If you’re looking to utilize a warmer neutral palatte, integrate earthy elements (like dried grass and wood), and incorporate copper, Golden Hour will give you an idea of where to start.WeddingWire Creative Director Jeffra Trumpower says this palette is her favorite: “The earthy textures mixed with pops of color create a natural, romantic feel. Pampas grass, which is very popular right now, pairs perfectly with the rich, warm colors, especially in florals. This palette achieves the perfect balance of natural, textured elements with warm, metallic accents.”

Paradise Found

WeddingWire x Pantone

If you’re looking to incorporate Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, into your wedding scheme, this color palette will show you how to do it. Paradise Found utilizes “illuminating oranges, vibrant teals, radiant blues and a refreshing splash of turquoise.” Basically, if you can’t have a beach wedding or getaway to a tropical location, this palette will bring paradise to you.

WeddingWire also notes that “signature cocktails can also serve as artwork and decor” with the tropical juices and floral garnishes working well with the theme. In other words, this color palette can give you an excuse to make “tropical cocktails” part of your wedding theme.

Stroke of Midnight

WeddingWire x Pantone

For those looking for a cooler color palette, Stroke of Midnight combines “after dark” shades like “twilight blues and exotic red infused purples.” WeddingWire also notes this palette is ideal if you want to utilize the 2019 linen of choice on your wedding day: velvet. This color palette is like if Sleeping Beauty was also a witch or if Sabrina the Teenage Witch was also a princess. Whether you're looking to bring out the warmer weather or embrace the chill of the season, there is something for everyone in each of these wedding color schemes.