Wells Is Showing Lots Of Support For Dean & Caelynn’s Post-‘Paradise’ Relationship

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Four hours of Bachelor in Paradise is a lot to watch each week, but it's nothing compared to the show that bartender Wells Adams witnessed in person. With that said, his opinion goes a long way. After witnessing their tears-filled reunion on the beach, Wells supports Caelynn and Dean's post-Paradise relationship in a new interview with People published on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

At first, Wells said, "I guess time will tell" in the interview. He also said, "Dean’s a friend of mine so I’m supportive of my friends." Then he broke it down in a very logical way. Wells explained, "I think that people forget how much more time Dean and Caelynn had together than Caelynn and Connor [Saeli] had together." Wells continued, "They were dating on the beach basically for the entire time that they were there and then her and Connor were together for the better part of a week."

Still, even he was shocked when Dean returned to win her back. Wells recalled, "At the time I said I thought it was crazy that she would leave just because Dean’s track record isn’t super stellar, but I think she did make the right decision." Wells had even more to say about their relationship during a Sept. 11 interview with Access. Wells joked, "Also, have you seen Connor with his shirt off? He's fine. Don't worry about him."

On Sept. 9, Wells tweeted a photo of the Paradise couple together in a candid moment with a caption that included, "Rooting for these two."

Wells remarked that he was "kind of" surprised that Dean returned to the show. He also said, "I think so much of Dean wanted to revamp his image from the last time he went on Paradise and he wanted to show that he was a good guy that I think he left and he was like 'Ah what do I do?' So, I think he was like 'That's not who I am.'"

Wells continued, "He's very aware of himself, so he was like 'this is one of my problems that I had a freak out and I don't like people getting too close. This is something I need to work on.'" Ultimately, the bartender concluded, "I'm surprised he did it, but I'm glad he did it because I think that's what he needed to do." As far as their real-life relationship, Wells does not think Caelynn will enjoy van life. He even revealed, "I've been in that thing."

However, does think that Dean and Caelynn are actually a great fit for other reasons. He explained, "Yes, there's a part of his life traveling around in a van, but then he's in Crete at yacht week or Lake Cuomo hanging out. There are parts of his wanderlust that I think she will love."


Still, Wells did say, "Then there are parts like him driving to see the biggest ball of yarn in Idaho that she'll be like 'Gonna pass on this one. Gonna hang out in Malibu. See you when you get back.'" Which is fine. She has her own friends and her own life. Caelynn can miss out on a road trip or two.

Wells concluded, "At the end of the day, I think it could totally work."I've known Dean for years and I truly love him. After getting to know Caelynn, I think they work together. So, yeah, we'll see. I'm rooting for them." And so is Bachelor Nation.