Wet N Wild's Unicorn Glow Collection Is Extra Special

by Augusta Statz

I’ll take unicorn everything, please. I'd like a unicorn Starbucks order, a unicorn manicure and yes — unicorn face products, too. If your obsession is also this real, then you need to find out about this upcoming launch. Wet n Wild is coming out with a Unicorn Glow collection, and it’s pure magic.

If you’re already completely prepared to dump this goodness into your makeup bag — I’m right there with you. The range features not one, but three incredible boldly colored highlighters, three loose pigment powders, one unicorn horn makeup brush and two color-changing holographic lippies. Yeah. Take a minute to let that settle in.

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, $6, Wet n Wild

According to the Wet n Wild Instagram account, you can expect these products to become available at the Beautycon Festival in NYC on May 20, but don’t worry — it’s not that exclusive. The collection will hit the Ulta website on May 21, and it'll also be available on the Wet n Wild website starting May 22. It is labeled as limited edition (because makeup this special is rare, duh!), so be sure you’re ready to pick these up as soon as they’re available to shop. Once you have these pretties in your possession, your beauty routine will never be the same!

It's not everyday that beauty items this incredible come along. So, you've def got to take advantage of the chance to scoop up these limited edition beauties.

You can see each of the shades in action in this video. Make sure you're sitting down for this, too. Because you're about to be blown away. According to Allure, the entire range will retail for just $29.99, but you'll also have the option to shop the pieces individually.

There's no way you could deny yourself the chance to own unique products like these.

This may be trendy at the moment, but that doesn't mean these items don't deserve a slot in your beauty bag. The more magical makeup, the better, am I right?

Courtesy Wet n Wild

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, $6, Wet n Wild

Besides, this brand already knows what they're doing when it comes to a unique glow. They did create this fabulous Rainbow Highlighter, after all. This shade happens to be included in the Unicorn Glow Kit, but if you just can't wait to make a purchase, it's also up for grabs on its own for just $5.99.

Just when you thought the world of unicorn beauty couldn't get any better, these products came into your life. Once you get them in your makeup bag, don't ever take them for granted! Something this special is meant to be cherished forever and ever.