What To Gift Someone Who Loves Fashion For The Holidays

by Gabrielle Prescod

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Gift giving is probably the number one source of stress during the holiday season. Trying to figure out what to get everyone on your list in and of itself can cause a panic attack, but we all have that one person who stumps us every year. You know, the person you have absolutely no clue what to gift. I came to the realization that my sister and I are those people in our family.

With both of us working in fashion, our parents always stressed about finding a gift. We used to make very detailed list (like, seriously, an Excel spreadsheet) of what we wanted which worked out well for a while but then there came the problems: What happens if it's sold out?! Or not in the right color?! Or only available in another size?! Those minor problems ball up and evolve into, “OMG what do I get her now?!”

We realized that its just easier for us to get clothes for ourselves then have our parents try to buy us things in the midst of peak holiday season. So now the question is, with clothes off the table, what do I want? What does anyone who loves fashion want for the holidays? I asked some industry experts to weigh in and share what was on their list for this holiday season — hopefully it helps you shop for the style lover in your life too.


Head of Creative at Man Repeller

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Doormat, $32, Burkelman | Beekman Small Table Lamp, $630, Kate Spade | Hybrid-Diomira Serving Tray, $126, Burkelman

All I want are things for my apartment. I moved in July to a studio and just now am starting to "nest". I'm obsessed with making this place feel like home because, even after six years in my old apartment, parts of it always felt so temporary. I'm trying to make a sanctuary, despite the fact that my windows face the backyard of a restaurant that hosts an impressive amount of birthday parties (they must have heat lamps) where "the birthday song" is sung multiple times throughout the evening. At the most expensive, I really want this Kate Spade Lamp. I would also like this set of cracked in half plates and I can't stop thinking about this colorful doormat. Don't even wrap it. Just leave it at my door!


Senior Fashion and Accessories Editor at Interview Magazine

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Lecia Sofort Instant Film Camera, $299, Leica | Shadowbox Classes, $99, Shadowbox | Calvin Klein x Pendleton Saddle Blanket, $285, Calvin Klein

I'm getting a sick of taking pictures of trips and events that I never get printed, so this will definitely be useful for capturing moments and having a more tangible record. And there is something really funny about Instagram-ing an instant printed photo — very meta!
I also feel like experiential gifts like fitness classes are such a treat and a great way to connect with the person you're giving them to. As editors, we see a lot of stuff so it's nice to get away from material things completely. Shadowbox is also the perfect social workout. It's not totally about skill level and you don't get super sweaty so you can easily grab a coffee after.
I also just saw these Pendleton collab blankets at the Calvin Klein store the other day and can't get them out of my head! The price is great and a perfect piece to collect from the new era of the brand that can last over several seasons.


Founder of Friend of a Friend, Contributor

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Waffle Robe, $119, Parachute | Mug & Saucer Set, $150, The Setting | The Sun And Her Flowers, $9.38, Amazon

I love lounging around at home, so a luxe robe is a necessity. The Waffle Robe from Parachute is the softest, comfiest robe out there now. Pair it with some slippers and you’re the greatest friend in the world. It’s always nice to get someone something you know they’ll see or use every day. I love The Setting because all of their pieces are unique and you can customize anything which makes the gift extra personal. My favorite gift to get someone is a book, especially one that I’ve read and I’m passing on. I’m a huge reader and love to bring people into stories that should be heard.


Style Editor at

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Glamsquad, $90, Glamsquad | Uber, $10-$500, Uber | SoulCycle Gift Card, any $ amount, SoulCycle

I am a simple girl. I don’t need much. 1. Uber codes. When the NYC winter sets in, nothing is more Godly than a free ride. The only thing that sucks about these is that they will go so fast. Before the end of January, you will definitely need a re-up.
2. Glam Squad codes. My favorite thing about Glam Squad gift certificates is is that they never expire. You always need your hair done, and it's so nice when the service comes to you.
3. Soul Cycle classes. SoulCycle is the best and easiest [to gift someone] because it is literally everywhere. This is tricky though because credits expire so you kind of need to make sure you’re on top of your workouts!


Senior Fashion Editor at

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Mohair Antico Rug, $1496, Restoration Hardware | Giant Agave Floor Plant, $84, Target | The New Yorker Subscription, $89.99 - $119.99/year, The New Yorker

I moved into a new apartment in 2016, and I'm still not done decorating it. My dream gifts would be a few things to really make my place feel finished. I've been procrastinating on buying a rug because I've been so indecisive, but I finally found my dream rug. My patio could also use some more all-season plants. And I really want subscription to The New Yorker. I love the New Yorker for their smart and often amusing commentary on the current political climate. It's one of the few magazines I still read.