What A 20-Something's Skin Care Routine Should Look Like, According To Dermatologists

When you leave the pimple-prone teen years behind but haven't quite entered the targeted years of anti-wrinkle cream regimens, it can be tricky to figure out how to best take care of your skin. That's why I went to dermatologists to see what a twenty-something's skin care routine should look like. Back in high school it was all about the medicated face washes and oil-nixing toners and blotting sheets. Most of our bathrooms were filled with bottles that pinky swore they'd get rid of our acne and banish blackheads, and most of us didn't worry about things like face cream with SPF in it because there were mean, angry zits to tackle.

Meanwhile, women in their 30's and beyond are well aware of what their morning face regimen should look like, mainly because no magazine cover or beauty ad will let them forget. There are about a million different face creams for all sorts of "aging elements" — from fine lines to crows feet — that they can pick up from any drugstore aisle or department store counter alike. But what if you're stuck somewhere in the middle? In the limbo that are the twenties, it can be tricky to know if you're taking care of your skin as best as you could.

So below two dermatologists sound off on the best skin routines for twenty-somethings. Are you doing them all?

Image: Unsplash (1)