Here's Where To Find All The "OK Google" Commands

From Apple's Siri to Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa, virtual assistants rapidly on the rise — and now Google's virtual helpmate has joined the race with a wide range of capabilities, all of which can be accessed after waking the assistant with the words "OK Google." Those wondering "what are all the "OK Google" commands?" need not fret; an impressive new website lists every single command that you can ask Google's voice assistant. The index, compiled by self-proclaimed Google and Android geek Kristijan Ristovski, contains approximately 150 commands and over a thousand variations that are sure to excite technophiles everywhere.

Linked to the most popular search engine in the world, you can ask "OK Google" anything. It can also perform tasks like making a reservation, setting reminders, pulling up directions or a flight's status, and controlling Google Home devices. When compared to other virtual assistants, Google repeatedly comes out on top, according to a recent analysis done by Business Insider, performing tasks and fielding queries with accuracy and ease.

Those with Android smartphones can access Google's voice commands by opening a Google search and tapping the microphone icon in the right hand side of the search bar. Those using Google's smartphone Pixel, which was released last fall, have the Google Assistant built right into their device, and can simply hold down the home button to access the service. And if you have a Google Home, all you have to do to use it is say "OK Google" and take it from there.

Here are some of the most useful commands from "OK Google"; for a complete list of "OK Google" functions, check out Ristovski's project.

Open Any App Or Website

When it comes to device control, the Google Assistant is a powerful tool. Whether you want to play music off of Spotify or cruise the message boards of Reddit, opening "OK Google" and uttering a few simple voice commands will quickly get you where you want to go. You can also use the Google Assistant to change the brightness or volume on your phone.

Take A Picture Or Selfie

Get a perfectly posed picture without having to touch a single button by activating your camera using Google's voice commands. Line up your shot, and let Google do the rest hands free.

Define And Translate Words Or Phrases

While traveling, "OK Google" can serve as a pocket guide, completing handy voice commands such as "How to say 'can I have water' in Spanish" or "Translate 'what time is it' in Chinese." The assistant can also quickly define words or technical terms, so voracious readers need not pause mid-chapter to look something up ever again.

Set Alarms And Timers

You can tell Google to "Wake me up at 7:00 AM" or set a timer for 10 minutes, and the personal assistant will access your device's clock function immediately. That means no more worrying that you turned off the alarm or accidentally hit the wrong button before going to sleep (and no more excuses for being late to work)!

Add Reminders And Make Notes

Add to your grocery list or jot down an idea for your novel with the "OK Google" voice command. Somethings you really don't want to forget — like remembering to book a flight or send a card for your sister's birthday, and setting reminders and controlling your calendar has never been easier.

Perform Math And Conversions

Whether you're measuring out ingredients for a recipe or figuring out an exchange rate on a trip abroad, with Google, there are no calculators needed.

Contact Friends And Family With Ease

Now you can ask Google to review and draft text message or find and call contacts without your keyboard.

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