ColourPop's Two New Brow Products Are Coming Soon

It's been about a week since this brand's last launch, which means they're at it again. Taking their fans completely by surprise, ColourPop announced two new brow products on their YouTube channel. The Brow Boss Pencil and Gel fit nicely into their collection of already existing products and are were designed for makeup novices. Here's everything you need to know, so you don't miss a thing.

If there's anyone that knows how to nail launches, it's ColourPop. While most brands stick to seasonal launches, this online indie brans can't go a week without something new popping up. Just this summer alone, ColourPop launched concealers, single bronzers and highlighters, and an entire Crush Crystal Collection. Now they're here with even more brow products.

According to the YouTube video, ColourPop created four Brow Boss Pencils and a clear Brow Boss Gel. The latter is, well, a gel that keeps eyebrows in place all day long. The pencils are a less pigmented formula than their existing eyebrow pencils.

The products were both made with makeup beginners in mind, according to the video. Jordynn Wynn even uses the gel without a mirror and looks absolutely incredible. The new pencil has a precision point and retractable packaging, so it's a step up from their first products.

Grab your calendars, because you're going to want to mark the launch date. According to the video, all of the new products will be available on Aug. 24. That's not too much longer to wait, people!

I would say start saving now, but you really won't need to. The Boss Brow Pencils are $5 each and the Boss Brow Gel is $6. That means that you can easily experiment with different colors and products without breaking the bank. Pin yourself, because this is not a dream.

Until the big day gets here, there are plenty of items to stock up on. According to their email, ColourPop is running a buy two get one free sale on their lip products. It's good for every single formula and you can stock up on as many as you'd like. Of course, it's just for a limited time though, so you should probably act fast.

If you're excited about the launch, you're not alone. People are already freaking out about the new brow products and they haven't even launched yet.


They really do.

Thank the makeup gods for ColourPop.

If this doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will!