Fidget Rings Are The New Fidget Spinners & They're So Much More Fashionable

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy PATTI + RICKY

The fidget spinner trend might be out of the spotlight, but that doesn't mean that people still aren't in need of a way to help settle their minds. Fidget Rings are the latest creation to help cope with your nerves, stresses and anxieties, which means you can have something to play with and still look good too. As dainty and gorgeous as these accessories are, they're also pretty darn helpful for stress and anxiety management. What does your jewelry do for you?

Fidget spinners were everywhere in 2017. There was everything from the actual spinner itself to ones for your bathtub and even some that held lip gloss. Although the trend is pretty much over, brands like PATTI + RICKY know just how much accessories like this are actually needed. The company sells jewelry for people with disabilities — and that includes fidget rings.

The idea is similar to a fidget spinner. Each ring is made of metal and has moveable parts on it. Think beads that slide back and forth and rings that twirl. Instead of carrying around a fidget spinner with you, you can slip this on your finger and use it as you'd like.

Rings are available in sizes three to 14, so people of all ages can reap the stylish benefits of the rings. The brand also sells fidget necklaces as well.

The fidget-needed items are much more than just a trend. According to Healthline, fidget devices help people with ADHD and some doctors see a benefit in people using them to calm their nerves .

Unlike fidget spinners, which are somewhat noisy and you have to carry them with you, the jewelry makes it easy to bring your anxiety-help with you at all times. Just slip it onto your finger or around your neck and you're good to go.

The accessories are available on the PATTI + RICKY website for $23 to $33. There are tons of different styles to choose from, too. Here are a few of the brand's accessories, so you can stock up.

1. Tripple Loop

2. Triangles

3. Simple Band

4. Horseshoe Shaped

5. Textured Beads

6. Heart-Shaped

7. Fidget Necklace

These accessories are the perfect way to see if the fidget aspect helps you in everyday life. If nothing else, you'll walk away with some really great accessories.