Hotels Are Offering "Instagram Butlers" To Help You Get The Best Vacation Pics

by Megan Grant

Wouldn't it be splendid if someone tagged along on your vacation to help you take the most Instagram-worthy photos? All your dreams are about to come true: this Maldives resort has Instagram Butlers to help you capture the perfect images on your getaway, because no one is really serious when they say they're going to "unplug" on vacation. Now, no longer are you limited to low-quality selfies with poor lighting where you accidentally cut off the entire right side of your face. IG butlers are here for you.

The vacation spot in question is the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort, and in news that's music to every social media addict's ears, they announced they will now offer not only Instagram Butlers but Instagram trails as well. According to their website, the #InstaTrail goes around the resort, where team members are available to help guests find and capture the most gorgeous spots available. You can even have your own dedicated Instagram Butler, who will show you their favorite spots, pinpoint the best time of day for natural sunlight (the "golden hour" right after sunrise or before sunset, obvi), and show you how to best use your phone or camera to get the perfect picture.

At the resort, you can even take a yoga class that will teach you the best poses for your Instagram feed, all set against the awe-inspiring ocean backdrop, of course.

You know what they say: if you didn't post about your vacation on Instagram, then it never really happened. Or something like that.

Before you start to question the expertise of said Instagram Butlers, note that they're reportedly "social media savvy" and know a thing or two about posting top-notch IG photos. Furthermore, not only do they show you some handy IG tricks, but they'll teach you how to stage the pics yourself next time.

Conrad Hotels and Resorts knows what's up, and they're certainly not behind on the times. In fact, they have a Social Media Influencer Request on their website, where people who have tons of followers can submit their information and maybe get hooked up with a good deal. In other words, not me.

The resort is catering to a new generation where everything is documented, often in real time, on social media; and they're not the only ones. Other businesses have faced the music and accepted that times, they are a-changin'.

Take Dirty Bones, for example. This New York-style restaurant in London known for their hot dogs and cocktails offers a Instagram kit to take food pictures, so that their costumers can share the most visually appealing photos at their establishment. The kit includes a portable LED camera, a wide angle lens that you can clip on, a multi-device charger, and even a tripod selfie stick. It sounds more like a magazine cover shoot as opposed to dinner, but businesses have to appeal to the masses, and the masses are saying, "We're really here just to take cool pictures of the food and make sure all our friends know about it." In fact, restaurants (and probably other types of businesses, too) are catering their entire look and designing efforts to be more "Instagrammable." Knowing that online word of mouth is now a potential major source of traffic, business owners want to be as Instagram-friendly as possible.

And now, you can officially add the Maldives to your list of photogenic destinations. A plane ticket is only about $2,000 right now, and you can reserve a room for around $1,000 a night. So if you start saving up now, you might be able to afford it... never.

Happy Instagramming!