Monopoly Is Letting You Vote For The Next Tokens

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

What’s you’re go-to token in Monopoly? The Scottie dog? The race car? That might all be about to change because, today, Hasbro launched a vote to let players choose a new 8-token Monopoly line up. The current cast and 56 new Monopoly tokens are up for vote, and the selections range from traditional options like the top hat to distinctly modern tokens like a winking-face emoji. Will voters choose to hold onto the classic tokens, or will the boot… get the boot? (#notsorry.)

Shiny metallic tokens have been an integral part of Monopoly since the Parker Brothers first began selling the board game in the 1930s. The original line up included 10 tokens: A rocking horse, an iron, a cannon, a battleship, a top hat, a shoe, a racecar, a lantern, a purse, and a thimble. Many of the originals can still be found in the current set of 8 tokens, which includes the battleship, top hat, racecar, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, and cat. This last one, the cat, is the latest addition to the mix, and a product of another popular vote; in 2013, players voted to retire the iron token (because who, really, wants to be an iron?), and replace it with a silver cat.


In the latest vote, Monopoly fans can choose to replace any— or ALL — of the current tokens. Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, insisted in a press release, “[N]o token — not even the Scottie dog — is safe!”

In addition to the current tokens, there are more than 50 new tokens on the ballot. Among them are older examples of technology like a rotary phone, gramophone, and boxy television set, as well as references to new tech, in the form of multiple emoji. There are also a number of fashion-themed choices, like aviator sunglasses, a cowboy boot, and a bow tie. Animal lovers will also have lots to choose from, including a rabbit, fish, horse, and penguin. And then there are a few random ones, like a bathtub and sliced bread.

Here are my top eight, selected from the classics and the new ones:

1. The Scottie dog.


Obviously, this one is a keeper. You’ll rip that aristocratic little pooch out of my cold, dead hands.

2. The T-Rex.


Because dinosaurs are awesome. Can we make Jurassic Park one of the board game properties? I bet you could charge really high rent there, at least until the Velociraptors start eating people.

3. The ‘90s cell phone.


Because I’ve always wanted to play Monopoly and channel Zack Morris at the same time.

4. The classic racecar.


The new tokens offer a fancier, more modern racecar, as well as a NASCAR racecar, but nothing beats the classic.

5. The horse.

The only way to make this one better would be to make it into a unicorn. Hasbro, please make that happen.

6. The jet ski.


So you can cruise around the game board like Mariah Carey in the “Honey” video, which I think, honestly, is what we all want out of life.

7. The tortoise.


How endearing is this tortoise? It reminds me of Littlefoot in The Land Before Time.

8. The boot.


It might not be flashy, but I kinda love it. It’s humble and sweet, and, IMHO, it should stay.

If you want to get in on the Monopoly action, head over to to cast your ballot. Voting will extend through January 31, and the eight winners will be announced on World Monopoly Day (which is a thing, apparently) on March 19.