These Are The Different FaceApp Filters Right Now

by Eliza Castile

Just when we all got the hang of Snapchat, a new photo-filtering app has taken over. If you've spent the past few weeks wondering what the different FaceApp filters are but you're too lazy to actually download it, you've come to the right place. Read on for an unofficial guide to the app responsible for all those gender-bending selfies flooding social media lately.

Since it was released in February, FaceApp has exploded in popularity in the United States. But, if you're still at the "help, what is FaceApp?" stage of your life, here's the lowdown. Developed by a Russian-based team, the iOS app is based on a familiar concept: transforming a user's selfie into something totally different. Unlike other filtering apps, however, the results are ultra-realistic — sometimes unsettlingly so. Apparently, this is because the app uses "neural networks" to edit photos. Rather than simply applying a filter, founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov claims FaceApp changes the photo itself, and that realism what makes it so appealing. "After applying a filter, it is still your photo," he explained to Tech Crunch in February, adding that with other apps, the results aren't intended to be realistic.

So what kind of filters does FaceApp offer? Here are all the different ways you can bend reality with the app, as demonstrated by the good people of Twitter.


One of the most popular options is the gender filter. As you can see in the top right photo above, there's a "male" filter that adds stubble and sometimes appears to shorten your hair.


There are two "female" filters that add makeup and long, flowing locks. Well, they try to; as demonstrated by the terrifying tweet up there, no amount of editing can hide Donald Trump's comb over.


There's also an "old" filter, which adds several decades on to your face. Super flattering stuff.


Then there's the "young" filter, which mostly smooths out your skin and makes your eyes bigger. In the tweet above, it's seen in the bottom right photo.


Finally, FaceApp can put a smile on anyone's face — literally. There are two smiling filters, which people have been putting to use in the most hilarious ways possible.