Emoji Monopoly Pieces Might Be Coming


When it comes to the world's greatest board games, Monopoly has to be up there as number one. And if you've been following the latest update with the game, you'll be wanting to know: What are the emoji Monopoly pieces? Because yes, they're actually a thing now, thanks to Hasbro's Monopoly Token Madness Vote campaign. With the campaign, Hasbro has given us, the people, the chance to decide which tokens the next generation of the game will will feature. And the social media fanatics and technology enthusiasts among of us (so, basically everyone) will surely welcome the fact that actual emoji are in the potential lineup.

Personally, I've got a bit of a soft spot for the game itself, no matter which tokens or game pieces are available. Starting the first time I was exposed to it — around the age of eight, at Christmastime — Monopoly impressed upon me a deep-rooted suspicion of landlords and the excessive accumulation of wealth when I was first exposed to it. After dinner, my dad would tolerate my younger brother and I (read: he let us win) for up to three hours as we unleashed our inner greedy capitalists on the living room floor. To try and keep the peace, my father would always be the banker — but still, without fail, someone would usually end up in tears, and tokens and fake money would end up flying across the room.

Token fights were common, too. I always wanted to be the dog or the canon — as did my brother, which was the problem. My dad was the battleship, and my mother, I'm now ashamed to say, was always the iron. Monopoly tokens of course, hold a significance for all fans; they’re how you set your tone in town, before you become a ruthless banker. And whereas you once had to decide between the archaic options of thimble, wheelbarrow, or top hat, you may soon get the chance to opt for a 21st century emoji smiley face, wink face, or even the hashtag to express your capitalist intentions.

Up until Jan. 31, 2018, you can visit the Monopoly Token Madness Vote website and pick eight tokens from a list of more than 50 contenders, including your favorite current tokens. This means that Monopoly as we know it may soon be completely re-defined — at least in terms of what tokens we can play with. As Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, said in a press release: "No token – not even the Scottie dog — is safe!” New tokens will be announced on March 19, AKA World Monopoly Day.

This isn't the first time the public have been entrusted with revamping the game. As The Verge notes, the iron was cast-out and replaced with a cat in the Monopoly Standard Edition game back in 2013. (My Mum would be happy).

So, if you're an emoji fan, here are all the emoji Monopoly tokens that may be coming soon — as long as enough people vote for them, that is.

1. The Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji


The inclusion of this laugh-out-loud form of emoji expression is something I for one would love to see in the game.

2. Mr. Monopoly Emoji


It's only fitting that Monopoly's mascot (originally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags) become emojified with this fun token.

3. The Hashtag


While it's not technically an emoji, it is the ultimate symbol of 21st century communication; as such, I believe it deserves inclusion in the emoji token set. I reckon the Hashtag will really give Monopoly the modern factor it's looking for, should it be chosen.

4. The Face Blowing A Kiss Emoji


The flirtatious emoji kissing face has been hotting up Whatsapp convos for years.

5. The Smiley Face Emoji


Always a crowd pleaser, the smiley face will surely get us all smiling if it's voted in.

6. The Winking Face Emoji


Wink wink, nudge nudge.

7. The Thumbs Up


Although this one may actually just be a thumbs up, it closely resembles the thumbs up emoji, so do with that what you will. My money is on this classic, positive affirmation to feature in the next board game edition. Time to hedge your bets now!