14 Things You Cannot Afford to Forget If You're Planning A Wedding

by Megan Grant

When you're planning your wedding day, it's easy to get caught up in the desire to be perfect and obsess over every minor detail — like how the ivory wedding invitations look too ivory, and how the bakery who's making your cake doesn't use cage-free eggs. But truly, as long as you don't forget these 14 wedding must-haves shared on Reddit, your wedding is going to knock it out of the park.

Truthfully, showing people a good time is pretty simple, and we're generally easy to please. We want to be well fed, comfortable, relaxed, and maybe a little drunk. That right there tells you all you need to know. Nobody is going to care that the DJ keeps playing Taylor Swift if they have enough cake to put in their face hole.

And even regardless of the guests, all you should care about on your wedding day is having fun. Look at Charlotte from Sex in the City — she got a stain on her dress, tripped walking down the aisle, Carrie threw her back out, Samantha broke her bracelet and the beads went flying everywhere, and then Miranda almost set herself on fire. And they still had a wicked good time, when all was said and done. For real, forget the ivory invitations.

Anyway, the point is this: keep it simple, keep it cozy, and don't forget these 14 wedding must-haves.


Enough Places To Sit

Who wants to stand at a wedding the entire time? That would be... nobody. But it's about more than having enough plastic folding chairs. It's also about...



Nobody wants to get sunburn or frostbite while the bride and groom say, "I do." Adequate shelter from the elements is non-negotiable. And furthermore...


A Wise Seating Plan

Ah, yes. The singles table. Many of us are familiar with that. Or if the bride and groom really want to annoy you, they'll seat you with the kids — because what grown adult doesn't want to eat chicken nuggets at a wedding and color the whole time?



Plenty Of Food

Dinner is great. We love dinner; but weddings are long. Appetizers would be nice, and maybe a little snack later on? Just something light. You know, like steak or something.


The Right Timing

So much YES to this! Let's be honest: the ceremony is a major snooze-fest. Don't follow up a snooze-fest with another snooze-fest and make your antsy guests wait while you take four million photos.


Epic Jams

Side note: a little variety might be nice. Yes, it's your wedding, and you should do you. But maybe incorporate other songs that might not be your favorite but will get other people to get up and boogie. But keep this in mind...


Appropriate Volume

Nobody likes having to scream over the DJ just to have a conversation with the person sitting a foot away from them.


Adult Beverages

Libations are always nice at weddings. It helps strangers feel more comfortable with each other and gives people more confidence when they know they suck at dancing. Win!


Flip Flops

This might be the smartest idea ever — convenient, budget-friendly, and an enormous help to all the ladies. We look darn sexy in heels, but we'd be fibbing if we said they feel wonderful to walk in.


Clean Restrooms

Heck to the no. Waiting in line to use the can is awful when you're about to burst. What's more, getting in there and finding the facilities disgusting is enough to put a damper on anyone's evening. Lysol the heck out of those toilets, make sure they're always stocked, and have plenty available for your guests.


A Happy Attitude

Weddings are supposed to be fun! Bridezillas (and groomzillas, and mother-in-lawzillas) need not attend. Leave that lousy disposition at home and have a killer evening.


A Quick "I Do"

Amen. The ceremony is truly touching. Honestly. Really. It's beautiful. A total tear-jerker. So memorable.

Where's the cake?


Freedom To Mingle

We're adults. Most of us don't get out nearly enough. Let us chit chat with the other guests as we please.



This hurts my soul. Everyone should have more than enough space to hang out, visit, eat a ton of really good food, and cut a rug.



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