Too Faced Is Teasing Lace Eyeshadows

If you want to add some edge to your makeup bag, then Too Faced's Lace Eyeshadows can do that for you. They'll make everything feel a little more... sensual, if you know what I mean. Coming in three different shades, the shadows look like lingerie packaged into a makeup box. The first one is a black lace on top of a beige background, the second comes in the form of a white lace on top of an orange-ish tan backing, and the last is olive lingerie placed on top a dusty brown. They're nothing short of bedroom sexy.

And while you might be preparing your purse to go run and get all three, they're not exactly available yet. They were — and no pun intended with this one — a tease.

Too Faced's founder, Jerrod Blandino, shared them on his Instagram with very little information — not mentioning when they were coming out, what collection they were part of, or even what they were. In the caption, all he gave away was three moneybag emojis and the statement, "Finally got my samples from the lab. These are going to become something AmazeBalls." Meanwhile, the comments are basically just fans biting their fists.

While that's incredibly cryptic, according to Allure Jenn Brosch, Too Faced's Junior Account Executive had more to share on the matter. If you hop over to her Instagram you'll see that she re-posted the photo with a little more info. In the caption she wrote "All the single ladies... .Take a glimpse into the future of @toofaced."

While it might just sound like she has a Beyonce song stuck in her head, the lyric was actually a hint — one that became all the more obvious with the hashtag "#singleshadow." Too Faced will be branching out of their signature palettes and making single shadows!

"Too Faced sells eye shadow only in palette form at the moment, so single shadows are a pretty big deal. That fact alone surprised us," Allure confirmed.

And if these sexy fishnet, lace-y numbers are their debut into that line, then that's one hell of a beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for more info as it comes out!

Image: Too Faced (1)