Burberry's New Liquid Lip Velvet Range Is Robust

by Rachel Nussbaum

Here's a liquid lipstick, there's a liquid lipstick, everywhere a liquid lipstick. Every single brand has one, and the latest on the scene is from Burberry, who just debuted their Liquid Lip Velvets with a signature luxe touch and British rose colors. True, there's no shortage of liquid lipsticks out there (s/o to Kat Von D's 25 new shades), and you can basically use them for currency at this point. But still, the heart wants what it wants, and it wants all the colors of Burberry's new Liquid Lip Velvets.

Each frosted glass tube (the touch of luxe) is going for $34 at Sephora, the full range currently exclusive to VIB and VIB Rouge members (one shade, Fawn Rose No. 09, is also available on Burberry's website). Spanning 14 colors, the at first-glance standard range stands out for its thoroughness: most color families are represented with two options, from nude, to MLBB pinks, to peach and orange, red, purple and wine brown.

Light Nude No. 01 and Fawn No. 05 hold up the base camp, while Fawn Rose No. 09, Dark Rosewood No. 17, and Primrose No. 21 are your pink options. Peach No. 25, Crimson No. 29, and Magenta No. 33 are your bright, orange-leaning pops, and if you want to go more dramatic, Regiment Red No. 37 and Military Red No. 41 pay homage to Burberry's classic fire-engine.

BURBERRY Liquid Lip Velvet Regiment Red No. 37, $34, Sephora

Moving into the moodier end, Brilliant Violet No. 45 and Bright Plum No. 49 are pink-purples, while wine Oxblood No. 53 and Black Cherry No. 57 have definite fan favorite potential.

BURBERRY Liquid Lip Velvet Brilliant Violet No. 45, $34, Sephora

According to the brand, the Liquid Lip Velvets stand apart from the liquid lipstick crowd for their "whipped, creamy texture," making for "a bold, velvet finish that lasts for up to eight hours." Sahara-dry lips are typically the norm for anything making long-lasting claims, so a cream application with a won't-budge dry-down could make these ones to grab.

BURBERRY Liquid Lip Velvet Oxblood No. 53, $34, Sephora

And while the shade range isn't "every color under the sun" extensive (yet), it's pretty great.

BURBERRY Liquid Lip Velvet Crimson No. 29, $34, Sephora

No golds or greens (again, yet, you never know what's coming these days) but work and school-appropriate colors that look good on most everyone. People pleasers! Especially with the trademark tartan metal packaging.

BURBERRY Liquid Lip Velvet Light Nude No. 01, $34, Sephora

"Light-as-air" and "cushion-soft," the brand says it's their boldest lip color collection yet — so if you want long-lasting lip colors with a side of prestige, this is the move to make.

Images: Courtesy Burberry