Kevyn Aucoin's Molten Lip Color Is Gorgeous

There's a new metallic in town, in case you haven't yet started walking around with gemstone lips. This latest one comes from the master of natural glow, and when they go for max wattage, you know a next-level ethereal sitch lies ahead. For a brand built on light, Kevyn Aucoin's Molten Lip Color Molten Metals don't disappoint, with a spectrum of colors ranging from shimmering, blackened purple, to rose gold and sparkling white.

Aucoin's latest drop comes in two variations, a shimmer-finish topcoat and standalone gloss, both priced at $30 and available on their website now. The latter, Molten Lip Color Molten Metals, top lips with "high impact, metallic liquid lip color" infused with multi-dimensional pearls, an angelic sibling to BITE's Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss (and M.A.C.'s lipstick, and Jouer's Rose Gold collection, this is no joke of a trend). 100% on theme, the Molten Lip Colors revolve around the metallic finish invading the lip world.

Where they differ is the metal theme, which turns an ostensibly industrial concept into something flat-out gorgeous. Soft and delicate on the lighter end, the three darker end shades channel gold, bronze, and carbon. Remember how everything was jewel-toned back in the day? Metal-toned is the 2017 way — and paired with dewy, flawless skin (or at least the products that keep up the illusion, let's be real) the Aucoin Metals shift editorial into everyday.

That rose gold, I mean!! I'm pretty sure I had an identical teeny-bopper lipgloss back in the early aughts, and this is the second-coming it deserves. The real ~star of the show~ though, at least in terms of coloring, is the Molten Lip Color Topcoat.

Molten Lip Color Topcoat in Cyber Sky, $30,

Cyber Sky is a blue-tinged white, essentially what futuristic dreams are made of. Wear it with Glossier's Cloud Paint and become one with the cirrus fluff. The cloud terms I learned in the second grade, finally coming in handy. Definitely worth holding onto all these years.

Molten Lip Color Topcoat in Cyber Opal, $30,

Cyber Opal, meanwhile, is a straight-up angelic lavender-shift pearl. Resemblance to BITE's Opal Lip Gloss noted, but this sheer topper was made to melt over the Molten Metals or other lipsticks, so rest assured it's different.

And I would be remiss not to mention the unicorn resemblance of them both, so here's that. Move over Unicorn Tears, a new take is in town.

Images: Courtesy of Brand