The New Too Faced Melted Mattes Are Spring-Ready

He's at it again! Too Faced's fabulous co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino loves to share teases of upcoming product launches on his personal Instagram and we adore him for it. Too Faced is expanding its Melted Matte liquid lipstick range with new colors for Spring and Summer 2017. The new Melted Mattes arrive in March, according to Blandino's Insta caption. The current lineup of Too Faced Melted Mattes features all sorts of colors, from pink to red to mauve to black to sapphire. It allows diehard Too Facers, casual brand fans, and/or matte liquid lipstick obsessives to have options for precise, velvety lip looks.

UPDATE: Too Faced responded to Bustle's email inquiry, confirming that the six colors Blandino teased will be part of "the new color extensions for the Summer 2017 collection." The colors will be available online sometime in March.

While the existing repertoire is extensive, there is always room for expansion and additional shades of liquid lipstick because of course there is. What colors are the new Too Faced Melted Mattes?

Oh, these babies are soooooo spring-ready. There is a pastel hue that looks ripe for Easter baskets and even a rich, emerald green. Yes, green!

Blandino's Insta post featured six new shades. Most of them fell into the pink family, save for that green surprise.

Are you ready for a "sneaky peek," as Blandino referred to it? Allow your eyes to drift downward. It's totally OK if you drool a little, too. The colors are that good.

Pink is well-represented in this Insta post. Do you have a favorite? I'm drawn to the one on the far left and the one that is second from the right. The new shades come a year after the original launch of the Melted Mattes. It's not clear if there are only six new shades, if there will be more, and if these are limited edition or not.

Here's the accompanying caption.

My favorite shade in the current selection is Queen B, which is a pretty mauve. I love the formula, which is light and thin but dries completely without being crusty or cracking. It's comfortable and long-lasting, minus any cakey-ness.

The collection is already rather extensive when it comes to color choices. Blandino dropped this hint almost a year ago. Clearly, the Melted Mattes are a popular product, since the brand is upgrading with additional shades.

Stay tuned for more details about the launch dates and locations. Bustle reached out to Too Faced reps for further details about the new shades, if they will be permanent addition or limited edition, and which retailers will sell them.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Too Faced (1)