Here Are All The Funky Colors You Can Make Your Brows, Thanks To Kat Von D

by Kali Borovic

You can always count on Kat Von D to come up with the most creative makeup items that you never knew that you needed. This is one of those times. Kat Von D Beauty created brow products in 16 shades and three different formulas, so that just about anyone can get in on the trend. Get ready, because these conventional and unconventional shades are about to become your new favorite products.

Forget everything you know about brow products, because Kat Von D Beauty is spicing things up. The brand came up with three different formulas — Brow Struck Dimension Powder, Signature Brow Precision Pencil, and Super Brow Long-Wearing Pomade. While the first two come in seven conventional shades, it's the pomade that has people's attention.

The 24-hour-wear (!!!) product is available in the seven conventional shades, plus another seven fun hues. According to the Instagram announcement, shades include red, green, blue, purple, maroon, pink, and yellow. It also includes a white shade, so you can mix your perfect color every single time.

The brand is known for its unconventional shades, and this product was no different. They also have a record for coming up with a pure white shade in their concealers and foundations, which is great for those looking to be in control of their own colors.

According to the Instagram post, all three formulas will be available in the U.S. on April 20. You'll be able to snag every single one of the 16 shades on the Kat Von D Beauty website as well as the Sephora website.

This will be the brand's very first brow-specific product in the collection, but it was definitely worth the wait. Instead of easing their fans into a new product, they're starting out with a bang. The pomade is 24-hour wear. That's a full day of colorful brows — or conventional if you're not feeling bold.

As far as the other brown products go, both are waterproof and brow resistant. In fact, the powder includes a primer right in it, so it's as stay-proof as can be. Leave it to the brand to give you exactly what you wanted and a little bit extra.

You didn't think that that was the end of all the ways the brand is hooking you up, did you? Kat Von D Beauty also created a tool to go along with it. The brand is also launching the stiletto-tipped powder brush for the powder and the firm-tipped brush to go along with the pomade.

"Of course one we could create the ideal brush (#70) with firm angled bristles for extreme control and effortless application with a tapered handle that doubles as a mixing spatula," the caption reads.

Now that is dedication to giving you the best brows possible, my friends. Of course, the pencil is a tool in and of itself, so you don't have to worry about buying anything extra there.

The brand has yet to announce how much the Brow Struck Dimension Powder, Signature Brow Precision Pencil, and Super Brow Long-Wearing Pomade will cost, but Bustle has reached out for comment. And although the products will be available in the U.S. in April, they will go global throughout 2018.

There aren't very many brands that offer both conventional and unconventional shades consistently, but Kat Von D Beauty is one of them. You can always count on the brand to give you everything you ever dreamed of. Mark your calendars for April 20, because this is one launch you won't want to miss. Of course, the products are not limited edition, so you'll be able to save up for all of your favorite shades.