The iPhone 8 Will Come In Silver, Space Gray, & Gold

by Jessicah Lahitou
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For Apple fans, Tuesday is an exciting day. Marking the 10-year anniversary of its iPhone debut, Apple released the highly anticipated iPhone 8. And as with every Apple event, there's one question on people's mind: what colors will the iPhone 8 come in? If you're planning on buying the new model, you'll have several options.

As The Independent's Andrew Griffin reported, the majority of leaks and buzz about new features centered on the iPhone X, not the iPhone 8. In terms of unexpected design elements, that's probably where the magic will happen. And Apple releasing both models at the same time is a new move on the company's part.

Though the iPhone 8 isn't necessarily garnering as much attention as the highly-anticipated iPhone X, you shouldn't overlook it. Those interested in the new iPhone 8 will have their pick of the standard Apple color scheme of options: silver, space gray, and gold.

Apple releasing both models at the same time is perhaps a brilliant marketing move, actually. Considering the extremely hefty price tag of the iPhone X, the uber deluxe new addition will price some customers out. Upgrading to the more affordable 8 could give those disappointed Apple fans the ability to move into new iPhone territory without breaking the bank.

In past releases, the lag time between Apple's announcement and products on shelves for excited customers to buy has been about ten days. But before the iPhone 8 hits shelves, you'll have to pick what color you want. And it might not be an easy decision.

Some people love the look of the classic space gray, which allows the border of the phone to disappear into the screen. This will make it easier to get lost in movies or video games, like a built-in cinema display for your phone. The space gray color will also make your case the star, so if you like to trick-out your phone with eye-catching accessories, space gray is the way to go. However, the dark color also shows fingerprints far easier than the other options, which means if you opt for space gray, you'll have to keep your screen clean (or well-protected).

The silver option will be easier on your eyes if you like to read on your iPhone or if you are a big fan of photographing your mobile device. It's also more dust and scratch resistant than the space gray with its classic, silver casing.

The gold is the way to go if you like attention. Apple says this version of gold is different than previous models (RIP rose gold) and if the live-stream is accurate, the gold model is really more of a coppery-gold. (Some people are already calling it "blush gold.") The most eye-catching color, the gold option is for the Apple-lover who needs a bit of bling. Gold can be more difficult to match than space gray or silver is, but let's be real — you're up for the challenge.