Here's Why Caroline Is FURIOUS With Arie After 'The Bachelor'


The Women Tell All always provides some of the most dramatic moments of a Bachelor season, and Arie's edition proves to be no exception. According to reports released after the taping, multiple confrontations arose not only between the women, but between Arie and some of his eliminated contestants. And someone who really had something to get off her chest? Caroline, a contestant who was eliminated fairly early, but apparently harbors some bad feelings towards the Bachelor. So why is Caroline mad at Arie on The Bachelor: Women Tell All?

Apparently, Caroline is very unhappy with how things shake out in the season finale, and disapproves of Arie's choice. Variety reports that during the taping of The Women Tell All, Caroline confronted Arie about his alleged actions during this season's finale. “[I] wish him nothing but the best, but I’m also allowed to be really upset and he f*cked over my friend,” Caroline told Variety after the taping. She also said that though she is angry with Arie, she hopes he “he made the right choice” and “is happy.”

It seems like Caroline is so upset with Arie for hurting one of her friends, someone she seems to be extremely close with. "I was heartbroken with the way things went down and I was really upset with him for the way he handled things," she told Bachelor alum Ashely I. in an interview for Access Hollywood following the taping. "And, like Arie said, he had to follow his heart and go with his gut and I don't disagree with that. I get it ... The friend in me needed to be like, 'Hey, f*ck you.' I needed to say it and I'm just furious, honestly."

Caroline isn't the only one upset with Arie for how things apparently panned out. Some other women on the show also voiced their disappointment in the alleged results of the finale. "I think [fans' reaction] just definitely depends on their perspective and what they think of the different women that he still has on the show right now," Bekah M. told ET after the taping. "I, myself, was a bit disappointed in Arie ... But in the end, you know, the heart wants what it wants, and I think he's justified to make whatever decision he's going to make for himself."

So what could Arie have done, and what friend does Caroline feel so protective over? Time for some internet sleuthing. We know that Arie is down to three women: Kendall, Lauren B., and Becca K. And we also know Caroline is really good friends with whichever lady he allegedly hurts during the finale. A quick scan of Caroline's Instagram reveals that the person most likely to have their heart broken by Arie is... Becca K.

Becca is one of the people most featured on Caroline's Instagram. I mean, they're even holding hands in that photo! Becca posted the same photo on her account, zoomed in on their held hands, with the caption, "Did we just become best friends? #yup 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️." There are a bunch of pictures of Caroline with Becca and Tia on her Instagram feed, but just about none with Kendall or Lauren B. So, even though Caroline won't reveal exactly what happened during the finale, it seems likely that Arie may break Becca's heart, and her friends have something to say about it.

Since Arie revealed to People that he fell in love with two women during the show, it's likely that Arie pulled a Ben Higgins and told both of his finalists that he loved them, before sending one of them home heartbroken. Whether it's Lauren B. or Kendall she's up against, it seems likely that Becca K. will have her feelings reciprocated by Arie, only to miss out on the fairy tale ending she thought might be hers.

But though she might not have won Arie's heart, she's won a protective, loyal friend for life in Caroline.