Miss Colombia Had A Lot To Say To Steve Harvey

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you would have asked me the day after the 2015 Miss Universe pageant whether or not Steve Harvey was a popular man in Colombia, I would have said no, but it seems like things have changed. During the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, though, Miss Colombia said she forgave Harvey for his big-time snub.

When Miss Colombia made it through the first rounds of cuts, Harvey played sheepish, mostly because he was afraid she would be mad at him for his accidentally giving the crown to his countrywoman in 2015, and then realizing he made a mistake and taking it away. They had some playful banter back and forth, and Harvey insisted that he was not a popular man in that country. Well, Steve, maybe not, like, the day after — but I’m sure that everyone else has moved on by now. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes (and we have other problems, frankly). That’s basically what Miss Colombia said, uttering something beautiful in Spanish that Harvey did not understand. I don’t speak Spanish, either, but other people in this world do, and they are on Twitter. Thank you, Internet, for helping me translate her nice words following Harvey’s big-time Miss Universe blunder. According to several tweets, it basically translated to: "In the name of my country, I forgive you. We know that to err is human."

There you have it, folks — Colombia is not so mad at Steve Harvey for embarrassing their Miss Colombia on international television. Time heals all wounds, after all, and maybe if Miss Colombia wins the crown at the 2017 Miss Universe competition, Steve Harvey will be a national hero. Hey, it could happen.