Here's Why Everyone Keeps Referencing Trump Being Salty About The Emmys

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's not much of a surprise to anyone that throughout Sunday night's 2017 Emmy Awards, President Donald Trump's name came up — like, a lot. And by a lot, I mean basically all the time, as it seemed like every other presenter or winner (not to mention host Stephen Colbert, several times) brought up the president in some form or another. They mentioned Trump's political views and his incessant tweeting, of course, but mostly, the attendees' talk about the president came back to what Trump said about the Emmys during one of the 2016 presidential debates.

First, it was Colbert who brought up this infamous Trump quote, during the host's opening monologue for the Emmys. Midway through his speech, Colbert mentioned that Trump never won an Emmy for his show The Apprentice despite getting several nominations, noting the president's fury over this fact. Soon after, the comedian took it further, reminding everyone that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump's Emmy losses came up in an actual debate — and the now-president couldn't resist pointing out that he should've won.

In a clip from one of the debates, which Colbert presented to audiences, Hillary Clinton said about her opponent, "There was even a time when he didn't win an Emmy for his show three years in a row and he started tweeting that the Emmys were rigged." To this, Trump responded: "should've gotten it." Because of course he said that. The president simply cannot resisting pointing out any so-called "injustice" he experiences, even if he's missing the point of a conversation completely and making himself look even worse to both his opponent and everyone watching at home.

Later in the night, Alec Baldwin brought up Trump's many Emmy losses again, when the actor won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy for his performance as the president on Saturday Night Live. "At long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy," Baldwin said, offering the trophy to Trump himself. It's no surprise that the audience had a fun time with that one, giving Baldwin a big laugh. After all, Baldwin heartily deserved his Emmy award for his hilarious (and eerily spot-on) portrayal of Trump on the NBC variety show, and it's true that he does owe a lot of inspiration to the president's increasingly odd and terrifying behavior.

It's really only a matter of time before Trump decides to respond to Colbert, Baldwin, or the Emmys at large. It'd be highly unusual for the president to stay quiet in a public matter that involves people making fun of him (and his former TV show's ratings), even if he likely has plenty of advisors around him begging him to stay offline. Trump may not have responded to anything just yet, but give it a few hours, and there's a very strong chance that he'll be sending out some angry tweets yelling at Colbert, Baldwin, the awards show, and (if w're being real) probably all the viewers watching at home, too. When Trump is pissed off, no one is safe — and you can bet that he'll be pretty damn upset when he inevitably learns that most of the Emmys was spent making fun of him losing on a couple of awards way back when.

But hey, if Trump ends up tweeting his angry thoughts, that'll just make the night an even bigger win for Colbert, Baldwin, and everyone else who called him that for doing just that: failing to keep his mouth shut or keep his ego in check, even when everyone else around him wishes so badly that he would.