What Do Guys Really Want On Valentine's Day?

by Kiersten Hickman

Stuck on what to get your guy for Valentine's Day? I have to admit, when it comes to Valentine's Day (or any holiday, for that matter) I always tend to find gifts that are practical instead of, what I call, "fluff stuff." My guy loves gifts that are going to improve his life in some way — gadgets and gizmos galore, really. So when it comes to finding what guys really want on Valentine's Day, you really can't ever go wrong with practicality.

The gifts below are a range from practical to fun — in case your guys likes to be splurged on as well. We have drinking sets, cool gizmos for iPhone nerds, and even a chocolate bar that tastes like a hoppy IPA beer. (Not kidding — I think I may purchase one for myself.) These gifts will help him in his every day life, but also fun things to enjoy on the weekend - like clever beer openers and even a handheld arcade game.

So whatever type of guy you are buying for this Valentine's Day, one who either wants practical gifts or fun gifts, there's a range here that will certainly win him over. Here's what your guy really wants this Valentine's Day.

iPhone 6/6s Bike Mount

iPhone Bike Mount, $26, Urban Outfitters

The perfect gift for the guy who is always biking places.

Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set, $39.99, Macy's

This can be either for the guy who loves to dress up, or the guy who never knows what to wear when he dresses up. Help him out with this stylish combo.

Whiskey Set

Whiskey Set, $24.99, Target

For the guy who loves a good whiskey on the weekend — make his whiskey sessions sophisticated with this classy, yet affordable, six-piece set from Target.

Beard Care Gift Set

Beard Care Gift Set, $15.19, Amazon

This is for that mangy beard that your guy decided to grow this weekend — subtly let him know that if he's keeping it, it's gotta look nice.

Key Lightning Charger

Key Lightning Charger, $20, Urban Outfitters

Is your guy's iPhone always dying when you're out on a date? This keychain is the perfect way for him to plug it into a computer and charge up super quick on the go!

Guardman Survival Tool

Guardman Survival Tool, $12.99, Amazon

This tool kit fits perfectly in a wallet and contains a beer opener, a ruler, a saw blade, can opener, sharp edge, flat screwdriver, butterfly wrench, and much more.

Star Wars Drink Sleeve

Star Wars Drink Sleeve, $15, Urban Outfitters

This is for the Star Wars geeks out there who love to enjoy a beer on the weekend and watch Episode VII.

Color Lightbulb Speaker

Color Lightbulb Speaker, $29.99, Amazon

This is for the guy who loves to throw a party and showing off all of his gadgets. These lightbulbs can change colors directed from a smartphone, and will play music right at the source!

Beer Themed Chocolate

Beer Themed Chocolate, prices vary by store, Target

Is your guy not into plain milk chocolate? Head on over to a Target and pick up one of these hoppy beer chocolates for a completely different spin on the typical Valentine's Day chocolate game.

Pour Decisions Bottle Opener

Pour Decisions Bottle Opener, $14, Urban Outfitters

This bottle opener is perfect to attach to a set of keys, throw in a backpack, or hang in the kitchen for easy beer opening whenever needed.

iPhone Docking Station

iPhone Docking Station, $39.95, Amazon

This station isn't just to charge a phone, but holds keys, wallet, and a watch for easy grab-and-go in the mornings!

Handheld Pac-Man Game

Handheld Pac-Man Game, $29.95, Urban Outfitters

And lastly, for all of the video game nerds out there who love to just chill out and play games on the weekends, kick it back arcade style with this fun handheld Pac-Man game.