Kim K. Is Releasing Three New Kimoji Heart Fragrances & Here's What They Smell Like

They're back but with the best kind of twist. KKW Beauty's Valentine's Day Kimoji Hearts fragrances have returned. The OG trio — that's Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die— was such a hit last year, thanks to the heart-shaped and candy-inspired bottles. The sweet scents are back for a 2019 encore. But in typical Kardashian beauty empire fashion, there is some newness to get excited about.

No, Kim Kardashian West did not tinker with the formula of the originals. Those are returning "as is." However, she is introducing three additional perfumes in the same pastel, candy heart-inspired packaging. She is supersizng the Kimoji Hearts collection.

Baby Girl, Baddie, and Wifey have been added to the kute, Kimoji hearts repertoire.

Now you will have six scents to choose from. You can spritz your pulse points, your wrists, your neck, your hair, and/or your clothes with any or all of the Kimoji Hearts aromas.

The new and returning scents arrive on Thursday, Jan. 31 via the KKW Fragrance site, which is the brand's main sales platform. The perfumes drop at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT, which is the standard time for most KKW Beauty (and Kylie Cosmetics) drops.

That's a full two weeks (and a day) before Valentine's Day. Therefore, you can take a moment to truly consider which scent(s) you want to scoop up later this week.

Baby Girl is packaged in a mint green candy heart. Baddie's shell is soft peach, while Wifey lives in a lemon yellow container. Each of the Candy Hearts fragrances cost $30 per bottle. It is likely that most or all will sell out — since this range was incredibly popular the first time out. The drop also has an element of newness with additional scents in the assortment, which makes it even more covetable.

We know their names, what they look like, and how much they will impact your bank account. But what, exactly, do they smell like? As a refresher, BFF is delish and mixes wild berries and crisp apple. Bae spikes juicy mandarin with whipped vanilla and sandalwood. Ride Or Die is sweet, comprised of glorious notes of blackberry, purple plum, caramel and tonka bean.

As for the newbies? Let's break those babies down.

1. Baby Girl

2. Baddie

3. Wifey

The new scents are currently listed on the KKW Fragrance site but you cannot purchase them until this Thursday. But if you want to familiarize with the notes and the scent makeup to help you decide which one(s) you want, have at it.

Courtesy of KKW Fragrance

There's no doubt that the KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts are mega cute and will look adorbs when positioned on your vanity or wherever it is you store your perfumes and scents. They will also tickle your noses with their variations on fruity florals.

KKW Fragrance will help you celebrate Valentine's Day in supreme scent style.