Halsey Just Got The Tiniest Tattoo & You'll Want To Copy It ASAP

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Halsey just added a new tattoo to her collection. It's cute, it's tiny, and it appears to be highly symbolic. Halsey got "929" tattooed on her hand and the piece lives above the knuckles on the outer corner of one of her hands. The singer shared a photo of her newest ink, which is done in a thin, delicate script, on her personal Instagram on Aug. 12. She captioned the shot "Track 16" and added a birthday cake emoji. The singer didn't tag an artist nor did she share any further information. But there's still a lot to unpack regarding this small tattoo that likely has huge meaning.

As most Halsey fans are well aware, she was born on Sept. 29. So her tattoo and the accompanying cake graphic feel like an obvious reference to her DOB. She will turn 25 this coming September so perhaps this was an early bday present to herself.

However, the caption is throwing people off a little bit and could be an easter egg. The phrase "Track 16" could be a nod to her third studio album. "929" might very well be the title of the sixteenth track on the record. Maybe a fresh single is dropping on her birthday, doubling the significance of the date? There are a few possible scenarios here and the mystery deepens.

However, fans won't know the exact meaning of this tiny hand tattoo until Halsey herself reveals more intel. Bustle also reached out to Halsey's reps for further information.

Here's an up close and personal look at Halsey's new and super tiny ink. It's so pretty and is situated in such a unique location on her hand. The post has already generated over 850,000 likes as of press times so fans are clearly feeling this latest body art. This itty bitty ink also provides all the inspo you need for your next tattoo. It's in a highly visible spot but it's easy to conceal if or when needed. So, yeah, you'll so want to copy Halsey's tattoo spot.

Check out this shot of Halsey sprawled out on the grass in a cropped tank while showing off her smattering of tattoos. She has a lot of pieces that decorate different areas of her body and she is telling her personal story through her ink. Halsey clearly likes to place some of her tattoos in peek-a-boo spots, like her rib cage and on the inner arm, so she can she show them off whenever she wishes.

You can get a better look at some of Halsey's lovely arm art in this car selfie. She has a shoulder piece that looks like a work in progress, since it's not currently colored in. She also rocks a few standalone, bold, and black and white pieces on her outer arms.

Halsey posted this adorable knee tattoo back on July 28. The criss-crossed Band-Aid design is quite the conversation starter. It appears to be Halsey's tattoo, done by artist Emily Malice, since the singer tagged her in the caption.

Ultimately, Halsey continues to grow and evolve her tattoo collection. The singer adds new pieces rather frequently. That's fairly common since many people with tattoos tend to commemorate major moments or life events with new ink.

Halsey's tiny hand tattoo might be small in size but it feels like a powerful personal statement.