December's Full Moon Is Going To Majorly Affect People With This Sign

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Tom Dulat/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether you're super into astrology or don't think twice about it, December is a huge month for change for a few reasons. For starters, it's the end of the year, making it a dynamic, invigorating time for all of us — and second of all, its full moon, the December Cold Moon, has a ton of effect on all signs, astrology-wise. This year, the December full moon falls in Gemini, which just so happens to be the sign of duality and opposition — which means that all signs are going to feel the push and pull of this important full moon.

This isn't totally abnormal, so don't freak out. If you do follow astrology, you'll probably agree that the Gemini sign personality traits are pretty similar to how we all feeling during the final month of the year. We're nostalgic for the past year (usually), hopeful for the year ahead, exhausted, restless, and all over the place mentally. The full moon being in Gemini is just going to amplify all of these feelings not only for people who fall under its sign, but also for every other sign.

That said, I didn't say there wasn't any reason to freak out — I just said not to freak out about that. This news I'm about to share, though? This is maybe worth worrying about a little: The Dec. 3 full moon is a supermoon, and marks the beginning of Mercury going retrograde for the final time in 2017. It'll stay retrograde until Dec. 22, but people will still feel its effects for weeks after as it transitions back to normal.

OK, so what does that mean for you? Turns out, the supermoon and the retrograde happening at the same time could be a blessing in disguise. Astrologists believe that the supermoon holds a more amplified power than a standard full moon — basically, whatever effects that might be felt during a full moon would be intensified for those who are sensitive. However, because Mercury is also going into the year's final retrograde on the same day as the supermoon, the effects of the moon might be slightly reduced. With two different forces working against each other, the celestial bodies are basically doing a theatrical performance of what our every day December lives will feel like.

Right, so what does this actually mean? A full moon has a way of inspiring us to look at the truth within ourselves. So a supermoon might give us the mental energy to really look deep within ourselves to see what's serving us, what is no longer working, what we need more of and what we've been neglecting. All of that illumination is great, but unfortunately the weight of Mercury's retrograde might actually make us feel like we don't have the resources to make a change. So if there's something you've been meaning to do, whether it's a having a serious conversation with a friend or coworker, you'll want to schedule that talk in the days before Dec. 3 to avoid any cosmic hold mishaps. I know, it sounds super frustrating — the supermoon creates these profound epiphanies and then Mercury's retrograde makes it impossible for us to act on those realizations once the celestial giants are in full swing of their actions.

The good thing is though, even though we might feel stunted, we'll be getting some much needed time to reflect and really think about the best way to make changes. Sometimes it's best to hold off on a serious conversation until you've really thought through the various outcomes and meditated a bit on your objective and intentions. So luckily, Mercury's retrograde will hold us back from making irrational decisions. You won't regret taking that extra time to think things through, focus on friends and family, and come to your decisions and confrontations with peace and confidence.

On the flip side, cosmic energy is what you make of it. If the supermoon inspires you to take action and Mercury's retrograde can't touch you, go forth with whatever your gut tells you is right. One person's retrograde might be another person's super moon! And whether you're on the zodiac train or not, rest assured that if December feels like a constant roller coaster of emotions and a confusing mix of achievements and setbacks, well — we're all there with you.