This Month’s Full Moon Will Help All Zodiac Signs Figure Out What They Really Want

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Once again the lunar cycle is approaching another full moon. And while the moon reaches this status every month, each full moon has its own unique energy that spices up our lives. For August 2018, for instance, the full moon is glowing in Pisces. So, what does it mean when a full moon is in Pisces? Instead of flooding your journal with feelings, you might want to channel all the full moon fuel into a to-do list. This Pisces moon, which we'll be graced with on Aug. 26, is said to be success oriented.

First of all, let's not gloss over the stunning fact that we have all made it to the other side of 2018's intense eclipse season. With multiple planets retrograde, summer may have felt more sluggish than your seasonal bucket list would've hoped for — until now. Pisces is a mutable water sign which means they're most notably known for their movie-magic imaginative ways and dreamy romanticism. Now that eclipse season is in the rear view and summer's hardest hitting humidity has lifted, you might be feeling suddenly light enough to dance around your kitchen. Put on your flowy-est dress and spruce up your living space so there's more surface area to twirl in all the good ~vibes~.

The romantic and idealist Pisces full moon isn't just a brief fantasy. The sun, opposite of the moon, is in the ever organized and efficient Virgo. This tango of imagination and structure can all lead to dreams coming true. According to, "the point of this lunation is to put ideals and inspiration into concrete forms so we can bring our dreams down to earth." Have a genius idea for a business? Don't just day dream about how perfect your dream job could be. Indulge in the heat of back-to-school supply shopping — even if you haven't been a student for a while — and pick up a binder to start organizing your business plan.

It's no wonder your thoughtful mind is sparking with creativity and maybe the sense of a closer connection to the people that surround you. writes, "The full moon in this mystical sign gives us a heightened awareness of our connection to each other—and to the divine. This energy of unconditional love and acceptance can inspire selfless acts of compassion and visionary creative expressions." Don't be taken aback if you feel the urge to literally skip down the street like life is an actual Disney movie. Imagine the Pisces full moon as your spotlight and bask in it!

Of course, with all situations that involve our ~emotions~, there could be overwhelming moments. Like an intense dance session, it's okay to take a breather before jumping back into shimmying across the kitchen floor. Cater to your well-being during the Pisces full moon if all this imagining and planning starts to feel like too much. suggested, "we’re going to need some down time—so don’t be afraid to get lost in your own little world for a while. Meditate, daydream, take a nap, listen to music, watch a film, or create your own work of art!"

It's OK to give your brain a break when it needs it. Especially if it's churning out one creative idea after the other and emotionally connecting to everyone in a 10 mile radius.

As the full moon wanes, its energy will remain. And all for good reason. The effort we put into our goals in the light of the Pisces full moon while the sun is in Virgo can have everlasting affects. According to Astrology King, "Full moon August 2018 brings exciting opportunities for success that can increase your wealth and bring a greater sense of security and stability." Soak up the last of summer's sun this August but be extra sure to soak in the glow of August's Pisces full moon on Aug. 26.