Kendall Jenner Teased A Pizza-Centric Instagram Account & Truly No One Knows What's Going On

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A very mysterious Instagram account cropped up this week, and Kendall Jenner has something to do with it. As far as Instagram accounts go, it's very cryptic and more than a head-scratcher. Glittering pools, submerged pizzas, wet crop tops, and famous reality tv show sisters are all involved, but no one actually knows what's happening or what's being sold, if anything even is. Let's start from the beginning. On Mar. 28, Jenner revealed the @pizzaboys Instagram account that she's either running or somehow endorsing by posting a screenshot of it onto her Instagram Stories. At the time, the account had less than a thousand followers and just three intriguing photos.

One photo said "Coming" and the other said "Soon," with a picture of Kylie and Kendall in the middle. But that middle post is what has fans and casual observers mystified. It's a study in surrealism.

The two sisters are standing in a pool with pink crop tops, flip flops, and bikini bottoms on. There's a slight retro vibe since you can see a pink gingham bikini top peek through from behind Kendall's top, and her hair is arranged into swoopy bangs as she's holding a red lollipop. Kylie is next to her striking the same pose — where they're both looking down at the water — but the weird thing is that they're holding pizzas.

Are they pizza purses? Is it pizza home decor? Why would you let the pizza submerge underwater? What is happening? The account gives us no clues, where it is only following two people (Kendall and a private account that is locked,) and all the bio line says is "In crust we trust."

The world is buzzing with questions, and the post has gotten a lot of traction. In just the past 15 hours, the photo has garnered over 37 thousand likes with 600 comments. We're all trying to figure this out together.

According to Teen Vogue, a little bit of light sleuthing would reveal that "Pizza Boys" was a DJ group that Kendall crossed paths with at the end of fashion week in 2016, where she, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin went to a club in NYC where they were playing at to commemorate the end of fashion week. Once there, the models helped pass out pizza to the club-goers while wearing Pizza Boys merch.

Even though two years have passed now, maybe the Jenners are collaborating with the group in some way, or endorsing a new merch line. For example, in 2017 Kendall posted a photo of one of the Pizza Boy's world tour hoodies onto her Snapchat, so she has endorsed them before. If the account posts a photo of Hadid lying on pizza slice floatie or Baldwin wearing a pizza crop top later on, that could possibly be the answer.

But for now, all we have is wild speculation. Taking a scroll through the comment section of that one photo, everyone is utterly confused, but also kind of loving it.

"WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Why is there pizza in the pool?!" one person asked.

"Are you guys selling pizza?" one person questioned, wondering if the Jenners are now expanding into an artisanal pizza market.

"I have no idea what this is about but this pic is enough for me to drop a follow," one person posted, voicing all of our thoughts.

"What the hell is up with all the PIZZA references in Hollywood. And why do I feel like all of this is related to #PIZZAGATE," another shared, veering into conspiracy theory territory.

Others thought Kendall was just trolling us, where she took a mysterious photo and then wanted to watch the world unravel as we tried to figure this out. Whatever it is, we can't wait to hear more.