Littlefinger Is Up To No Good On 'Game Of Thrones' — So Nothing Is New Here

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Winterfell may have been reclaimed by House Stark, but Sansa's problems are far from over. What does Littlefinger want on Game of Thrones? He made his intentions pretty clear last season, and doesn't seem to have budged.

Brienne wasn't thrilled that Lord Baelish was still in Winterfell — and like girl, I get it. He needs to leave. We'd all be happier if he sashayed out of Sansa's life. Unfortunately, the North still needs the Nights of the Vale for their growing army. That means that Littlefinger's welcome will have to be extended.

What does he want? Power, I assume. How does he want it? Presumably, through marrying Sansa Stark. She shut down his romantic advances by the weirwood tree. However, he's still able to whisper in her ear about her leadership role and Jon's lack of knowledge about highborn Westeros culture. That spells trouble.

In the Season 7 premiere, he asked Sansa if she was happy. Give me a break. I'm not against Sansa having these doubts and debating policy with Jon Snow. I just wish she was doing it totally on her own, and not being influenced by a creep who was in love with her mother and is now trying to course correct his life by seducing Catelyn Stark's elder daughter.


Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this long game that Littlefinger has been playing isn't totally about Sansa. Maybe he doesn't just want to ride the chaos ladder to absolute power. I'd love for a twist to come — especially if it means Sansa Stark was left along to live her dang best life for once.